Yay My 1st Blog Post!


I’m not sure who I’m greeting -as I doubt anyone will end up reading this blog except me.

If somehow you have ended up here Hi! I’m Sian I’m 27 I live in London and I started this blog to keep track of my progress on my “natural hair journey” and with my Baking which is a passion of mine.

I’ve been 100 percent natural for almost a year now, by that I mean I started wearing my natural hair out mid February 2012 but my last relaxer was around March 2011.  I’ll write more about my natural hair journey in a later post.

Today is my Nephew Widget’s first birthday! I’m about to make a cake for him it will be a cake spelling out his proper name in smallish letters – his name is quite long and even though I’m about to bake the cake I still don’t know what I’m going to put the cake on to transport and present it!

This time last year I had on a silky straight Brazilian weave with a silk closure, it was really pretty hair but it cost me about £500 and that was the final straw plus in photos it looked like a really bad wig! I still have that hair in my wardrobe even though I only wore it once I can’t bear to throw it away. One of these days I’m going to make a wig/have a wig made out of it.

Today is probably not the best time to start a blog as my own laptop Cherry committed suicide last week by leaping off my kitchen counter, Cherry has been sent to the menders but it means that all my photos and other stuff on my laptop will be wiped. I’m currently using an OLD laptop my hubby dug up from somewhere but it’s slow going and the cursor jumps around the page if  I type too quickly.

On that note I’m signing off for now wish me luck on the cake!



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