Review on various Shea Butter Cottage Products


The texture of the rose lip “balm”

I was lucky enough to win a £20 voucher for Shea Butter cottage after attending a Natural Hair Event a couple of weeks ago. I bought:

  • Shea Butter Soap -Baobab & Guava 1 Bar £2.80
  • Peppermint Oil 10ml £3.00
  • Ghanian Milk Chocolate 50g £.90
  • Mango Butter 50g £3.30
  • Rose Lip Balm 1 pot slightly larger than normal £4.00

I paid £4.96 for delivery and my package arrived the next day (yesterday 7th Feb) which was nice and fast.

The chocolate was missing from my order so I called the number on my invoice and the lady apologised and said it must have been a fault during the packing process, she asked me to send her an email stating the details and she responding by telling me my chocolate was in the post.

My chocolate arrived today but it was broken in many pieces it was not packed in anything except a thin plastic “envelope” so I’m not surprised it broke.

The Soap has a kind of earthy smell it doesn’t smell bad but it doesn’t smell nice either (IMO) I used it in the shower with body gloves and it has a reasonable lather and left my skin squeaky clean, my skin actually felt quite dry after I patted my self down with my towel after the shower which surprised me as the soap is called Shea Butter Soap I expected it to be moisturising.

The peppermint oil is just normal peppermint oil there’s not much to say about it.

The chocolate is very hard and almost crunchy when you are chewing it, my bar (or should I say shards) had a serious case of cocoa blush, the flavour is nothing special, maybe I should have got dark chocolate to experience a stronger flavour. I have had chocolate from all over the world and this is probably the chocolate I enjoyed the least… maybe this is how all Ghanian chocolate is but I did not enjoy it at all.

The mango butter is grainy but quite moisturising, it does not have a strong fragrance  I’ve only used it on my skin so far but I’m not very excited about it, in fact it was quite hard work rubbing it in due to the graininess. I will also try it on my hair after I remove my flat twists.

The Rose Lip Balm is also very grainy, it has a quite pleasant rose scent but the texture is too grainy for me, considering it’s supposed to be a balm…definition of Balm below:



  1. A fragrant ointment or preparation used to heal or soothe the skin.
  2. Something that has a comforting, soothing, or restorative effect

… it did not do the job it’s more suitable for an exfoliating product. I was so concerned at the  texture that I emailed Shea Butter Cottage again to ask about this and was told direct quote “It is normal to find the texture a bit grainy due to the ingredients used.” I emailed back explaining it was very grainy but I have not heard anything back yet. 

All in all if I had paid for this entire package with my own money I would be asking for a refund.                                            

I’m glad that the product sizes are so small that it will not take long to use them up. I do not believe in wasting anything so I will not be throwing any of these items away I will find alternative uses for some of them and maybe use some of the stuff in my hair mixes.

Update I tweeted the owner today (9th Feb) & she apologised about the lip balm apparently the rest of the batch was fine.



One thought on “Review on various Shea Butter Cottage Products

  1. If I was to buy anything from shea butter cottage i`d buy the shea butter only,bought the hydrosol but it wasnt to my liking.Shea butter seem to do the job, as I had expected.

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