Review on Almond Avocado Stone Therapy Massage.


On Wednesday 6th Feb 2013 I had an appointment for a Hot Stone Massage with Annette of Almond Avocado. I had booked the massage as a way to de-stress and relax before getting back into the world of full time work after being off work with a broken foot for a while.

My appointment was in the evening and the Hair Salon through which I  entered the building, was beautiful but completely empty and quiet which suited me fine. I called out a tentative “Hello” and a lovely gentleman informed me that Annette was just arranging the room and would be with me shortly, I was early for my appointment though so I was happy to wait. After about five minutes Annette came out to greet me and gave me a form to fill out which contained questions about my health and fitness, nutrition, sleep patterns and stress levels. I answered the questions honestly, as  I didn’t see any point in lying to save embarrassment and I could put myself at risk by omitting pertinent details.  I gave the form back to Annette who read it  and gave me a consultation based on my answers.

I felt immediately at ease with Annette and glad that she explained the benefits and possible side effects of having this therapy.

When the room was ready Annette left me to undress and lay down under the towels. The room was very calming and peaceful, tastefully decorated in neutral cream and brown tones. Once I was ready I let Annette know and she began with a Cold stone massage on my face, she explained that the cold stones would refresh and tone my skin, it felt a bit of a shock at first although it was very gentle, the stones were definitely cold! Once the initial shock wore off it was a very soothing and relaxing feeling.

After my face was finished I had a full body massage with Coconoil Coconut Oil, (which is the same brand I use at home it’s lovely) and the hot stones.


Every step of the way Annette asked if I was comfortable and explained what she was currently doing or what she was going to do next. Annette noticed that I have particularly cold hands and feet so she spent a extra time massaging them. The hot stones felt quite warm to begin with, but like the cold stones I got used to it and it felt incredibly relaxing.

The only negative part of  my experience was that the Therapy Room seems to be below a family residence and there were noisy children thundering around upstairs. I understand that this was beyond Annette’s control and I was able to tune the banging out. Part of living in this amazing city is that space is at a premium and many of us are literally living on top of each other, I imagine that if I’d had a day time appointment, the hair Salon at the front of the building would have been noisier and upstairs would have been quiet. The slight distraction did not ruin the experience for me and I have already booked my next session. I was even given a massage/body oil to take home with me. All in all I give the whole experience 8/10.

I paid for this treatment with my own money.

Details of the other treatments available (including the text below) and prices can be found on: 

Stone Therapy/Geothermotherapy is a more therapeutic form of stone massage and is also known as LA Stone Therapy. It uses alternating hot and cold stones resulting in the same naturopathic principles that you find in the combination of sauna and cold plungle pool. It tones and detoxifies, improves circulation, stimulates digestion and immunity, and calms and de-stresses. While hot stones can relieve tension & help warm the body, cold stones help the cells in the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients and encourages a more efficient removal of toxins.

This is an incredibly relaxing treatment, more penetrative than holistic or swedish massage, it helps eliminate negative energies and by resetting the body it helps to restore harmony in the body.


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