2Inspire Ladies Day Event @ London Docklands

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven’t written a blog for a while there have been some things going on in my life that have kept me really busy,  but yesterday I went to the 2Inspire Ladies Day Event at Crowne Plaza Docklands.

The event was a free exhibition which showcased businesses and services that met the needs of women. On the day there were also  lifestyle inspiration workshops and performances,  you had to pay £5.00 for the workshops but that wrist band allowed you entrance into all the workshops for the day.  I only attended one of the workshops but more on that later.

As I entered the exhibition the first thing I noticed was that it was very hot… lol, after I took my coat off and stuffed it inside my free goody bag I had a good look around the room, it was a large room overlooking the river with several stalls set up around the room.

I had attended with the intention of buying a present for my Mummy, my mum doesn’t really do flowers and chocolates so I wanted to get her something a little different. One of the first stalls I came across was the Omi Api Style Consultancy you can see a sample of their lovely shoes below.


Omi Api Shoes


The Omi Api ladies were very nice and I will be contacting them in the future to make use of their services.

The next stall I visited was the Almond Avocado Naturals Stall, it was nice to see Annette again and to meet her lovely daughter Izzie.


Annette and Izzie

I ended up buying (Sisterlocks friendly) Almocado Balancing  shampoo and conditioner for my Mum, Annette has retightened my Mum’s locks recently so she was in a position to advise which products would suit Mum’s hair best.


A selection of the Almond Avocado products on offer

The next stall I happened across was the Shea Decadence table it was right next to Almocado, I was able to catch up with Sharron and give her the (positive) feedback  on the Valentines VIP kit I purchased last month.


Shea Decadence Table

you can read Sharron’s blog at http://fortheloveofkinks.wordpress.com/


Sharron of Shea Decadence 

One of the live Performers was Patricia Foster she performed her funny and touching original pieces, I’d never heard of her before yesterday but I’ll be looking out for more of her work and would love to see her perform again in a different venue as there was so much going on at the same time yesterday it took some of the people’s attention away from the performance.


Poet Patricia Foster


After the poetry it was time for me to go into my only workshop of the day, Hair loss, Health, Holistic Hair Care, Facilitated by Annette Clarke- Headley of Almocado. The workshop was advertised as 2:00-2:45 but on the day they stated that her talk would now start at 2:30 and would only be half an hour long. Fortunately I’m not currently suffering from hair loss, but I have done in the past and there are women in my life currently suffering from various types of hair loss. Annette’s talk was very interesting and educational despite the fact that her time was cut short and so many attendees meandered into the session late, later and very late.

Annette handled the interruptions in a very professional way, I would have lost it after the tenth woman shuffled through the door!  I think the organisers could have at least stopped people from traipsing into the talk after about ten minutes, there were several announcements and so, as far as I’m concerned if you’re more than ten minutes late tough luck, that’s your business!

I was horrified, at the end of Annette’s (abridged) talk to see a LAMINATED “end now” sign shoved under the door! I don’t know why the fact that the sign was laminated offended me so much or maybe it was the fact that the organisers had allowed women to saunter in and disrupt the talk every  5 minutes of the entire duration but at the end they didn’t want to open the door and interrupt ?!?

Annette herself has suffered with a type of hair loss, you can read her story at  http://www.lovelifelocs.com/


End Now sign shoved through the door.

After the workshop I wandered into another hall with a few more tables, I I met Akua Wood of Shea Butter Cottage and was able to speak with her about the grainy lip “balm”… Um… Er all I have to say about that discussion was that no further resolution was reached…

I met J.M Prempeh and bought some gorgeous earrings, she makes stunning Afrocessories and I will definitely be buying some more to add to my vast collection of hair accessories and earrings. Find out more at https://www.facebook.com/www.afrocessories.co.uk  and http://www.etsy.com/shop/mprempeh


I had a little bit of money left in my self imposed budget and I couldn’t walk past the Eminence Mode jewellery stand, I was able to buy these stunning earrings for only two of my English pounds and the leather/wooden heart pendant for £1! what a bargain!!!


On my way home I was going to take the DLR back to Central London but the Emirates Air Line caught my eye…




I’ve never been on it but I see it often when I visit the o2, I thought it would be a horrendously expensive tourist attraction (ahem The Shard)  but I walked up and saw the familiar London Transport Oyster barriers! It was only £3.20 for a single fare & a 7.5 min journey.




Boarding was simple and easy I almost had an entire car to myself.











All in all I had a good day and I’m looking forward to attending more natural hair, well-being and business events this year.

For any one who is interested, I’m currently rocking kinky twists which are the same length as my hair I asked my twister to use less braiding hair than my hair for each twist, so the twists are not too heavy for my hair, which can cause breakage and hair loss. I’m planning to keep my hair in these twists for the entire month which will be quite a challenge for me as I have hand in hair syndrome and really enjoy styling and handling my natural hair, which is the whole reason I’m using these kinkyx twists as a protective style.

Below is a photo of the contents of my goody bag that I’m going to keep/use, everything else was flyers.


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