Organic White Chocolate and Kiwi Upside Down Cake

As part of my effort to get fitter and live an all round healthier life I now have an organic fruit and veg box delivered to my home weekly.

I’ve always been a big fan of fresh fruit and veg but I’d grown up mainly eating a mix of home grown and conventional supermarket produce.

Recently I’ve been doing some research and this has prompted me to switch to mainly organic food. Which brings me to Abel and Cole, for a mere twelve English pounds I get a mixed box of organic fruit and veg delivered to my home weekly. I am informed of the contents ahead of each delivery and if I don’t fancy an item that week, I can skip it or if I dislike it I can choose to never receive it at all.

As Part of a special offer I was given a free recipe book with my first delivery.

One of the recipes was for Kiwi and white Chocolate upside down cake, in reality it was more of a suggestion than an actual recipe. I was instructed to sprinkle a little sugar in the base of a lined cake tin and cover that with a layer of sliced Kiwis then I made a basic sponge mix through which I’d swirled a bar of finely chopped organic white chocolate.


The cake was lovely and moist, I made it for my husband’s birthday. The only thing was that we couldn’t really detect the white chocolate, it added a subtle vanilla-ish taste which was lovely but if I were to make it again for someone else I’d chop the chocolate less finely so they could tell the chocolate was actually present. However the fact that the chocolate completely melted into this cake suited us just fine as we don’t particularly like chunks of white chocolate as it’s really sweet.


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