Excited About Such a Little Thing….

My local Tesco has had a revamp…
They have a new food to go section and a coffee shop but I haven’t been in either of them. What really interests me is their new Euphorium Bakery, section according to their blog ….

“we carry on the best of British baking. To this day, we use almost entirely seasonal, locally British-sourced ingredients, and authentic and organic produce. In fact our products are so fresh, we can’t tell you what the next bread of the day is going to be.”

(text from http://blog.euphoriumbakery.com/page/about.aspx)

As well as loving their ethos I love their new lighting installation, I took these photos on the escalator which descends into the store.




I was sucked in by the delicious smell and bought a loaf of artisan bread and two desserts, a passion fruit mousse for hubby and a blueberry cheesecake for me. The bread was delicious and the desserts were quite nice. I would purchase more fresh bread from there in future.


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