Accessorise Ladies!!!

Hello again,

My posts are like buses,  you wait for ages and then 5 come along at once!

This post is all about hair accessories (you never would have guessed would you?)

When I first big chopped, I lot of the hair accessories I had were not suitable for my natural hair or were too boring. I began to collect various clips, bows and scarves in order to jazz up my TWA and then later on, my puffs. Below is my current collection of bits and pieces I use to compliment Soleil (this is what I have named my hair it is French for Sun and pronounced so-laye)


I use these when I am doing an updo or puff they are for decoration only as they are too small or weak to actually hold my hair in place, most of them I bought from a seller on eBay who makes them by hand. The green spotty one I bought from Bijou Brigitte in Ibiza and the Sparkly one, believe it or not came off of my friend’s flip flop! I use a ribbon or an old clean tights leg to tie it in place.


The large orchid was the decoration on a gift box of soaps, the green one is actually from my wedding dress, I had three of them clipped to the front of my dress, the lace cream one and sparkly comb ones are from Accessorize! and the others are from craft markets in London and Europe, the Hippy Market in Es Cana, Ibiza is one of my favourite places to buy hair accessories if you ever visit Ibiza it is well worth a trip to the Hippy Market. Be creative, if you see something free, pretty and the right size keep it as it might come in handy for something else down the line.


Alice Bands

These can be used to jazz up a simple bun or puff and to keep your twists/braids out of your face. Word of warning do not buy Alice bands with the “teeth” on the inside they are not made for our hair type and will rip out your baby hurr gurrlll! Seriously though those tiny teeth can cause as much damage as fine toothed combs. Find a  band that is comfortable or you will have a headache by the end of the day. also beware of the metal ones as the ends can also tear your hair when you are putting them on or removing them. The mirror one was bought in Egypt in a market and the others are from Claire’s Accessories.


The two bottom ones have wire inside them so they can be used to tie my hair back with no damage but the ends hold their shape and can be bent into different positions. All of these were bought in the Hippy Market.


Yes these are all hair accessories, I  got the  “edible” items, metal and Wooden hair sticks and the coloured pencils from… yep the Hippy Market. The food items are preserved in a vinyl solution so that they do not deteriorate, then they are glued onto hair clips, the top right one is actually rainbow dyed farfalle pasta!


Practical Items

All of these items have a useful purpose, note that I only use hairbands or ponytail holders without the metal connector, this is because that metal connector can tear and break our hair. the “doughnut” is used to create a bun (pictured below), you can buy hair doughnuts in shops but I always make mine out of old clean garments; socks, tights or leggings. As your hair gets longer you will need larger buns to wrap your hair around other wise the style will not be neat any more. The large ouchless bands can be wrapped round your head twice to create puffs when your hair is still quite short. Hair/Bobby Pins, or the bane of my husband’s life as he calls them, are a natural’s best friend, they are so useful I have hundreds of them which end up everywhere as I always carry spare pins around with me. My poor husband finds them in the car, washing machine, in books, in the keyboard, in his pockets on the floor and on the odd occasion in his own hair! Hubby is currently growing his hair out and has a TWA at present and when I’m sleepy and taking down my hair for bed, he is often already asleep beside me and his hair is the perfect place for me to store my pins until morning, no he does not wake up and yes sometimes I forget to remove them in the morning… oops sorry baby! If the round tip on the ends of your pin have worn off please throw it away that sharp metal end can also break your hair or scratch your scalp.



I got so frustrated on this day that I used heat on my hair WITHOUT PROTECTION, I was able to create this somewhat sleek style but please learn from my mistakes, if you are going to use heat, use protection and do it carefully and gently only doing one pass of the straighteners if possible.

Thanks for reading ,

Take Care!



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