Salon Search Episode 1.

In the past when looking for a new salon we have had to rely on word of mouth or pound the pavement and look through windows before taking the plunge and allowing a stranger to tousle our tresses.

Now we have the internet to help us choose a new salon and more specifically a website called no .

Descritption from their Website: 
NoScrunchie was founded in London by Leillah to solve a problem that she has. Every other weekend, she needs to do her hair and every time will wish there was a website that would show the salons nearby that are any good, or even those that are far off but will do exactly what she wants.

Although salon listing websites exist, they don’t have peer reviews, written by people like us who are looking for the same hairstyle and either got it or did not. We often walk past salon windows and take a risk and sometimes it works, but most times it doesn’t. 

Our focus is greatly on reviews. We want you to tell us about great salon experiences. We want to find out before we leave home if the salon will do the hairstyle we want, if they have a price list, clean bathrooms, good hairstylists, etc. 

And that is how NoScrunchie came about. It is about Leillah solving a problem that a lot of us with hair that is not straight Caucasian (therefore niche) have. So welcome to the salon ratings site where we name and shame the bad salons and heap praise on the great ones. Our aim is to ensure that all salons are forced to clean up their act or lose the savvy customers and great salons will have us flooding in by the bucket load. 

NoScrunchie was co-founded by Alex, who has far more boring hair than Leillah but loads more of it on her head.

I searched for a salon close to my home first (London SE1). I found a salon with one very good review in SE1 so I decided to try there first. The salon is very near The Young Vic and Waterloo Station and on Wednesday evening I popped in to see if I could book a consultation.

The salon was empty and I spoke to the lady behind the counter and explained that I wanted to book a hair appointment for 25th May (my birthday) and I wanted a spiral set done without heat, the lady just stared at my head for a while before informing me that they don’t really like to do natural hair as its too time consuming but since my hair is “not too nappy” (What!?) then they might be able to do it for me. I asked her what “nappy” meant and she told me that it’s “hair that is too kinky and tough to be combed with this” (she held up a fine toothed comb).

I was horrified at this statement and the attitude that the lady had. I tried to explain that, “nappy” curly kinky hair like mine is not supposed to be combed with that anyway, but the lady was off on a tangent. She said “you natural hair girls are too demanding and fussy” and that natural hair is “just a fad” and I’d soon be asking for a relaxer.

At this point I’d like to mention that this lady had very thin and fine , short uneven relaxed hair which was breaking off in several patches around her hair line, this did not instil me with confidence to begin with and her attitude towards natural hair didn’t help matters.

I said that I’ve done the style before with flexi rods but I had difficulty in the area just behind my crown and so I’d like a professional finish for my birthday. I also said that I needed a trim as my ends were splitting.

The lady said “what are flexi rods ?”

I thought it was odd that she didn’t know but since I used an American term,

I said “sorry I mean bendy rollers” she still didn’t understand me so I looked around for some but there were none in there, only those horrible rough plastic rollers with the teeth.

I tried to hard to explain what I meant but to no avail. In the end I gave up. The lady wanted to book my appointment for 25th but I said shouldn’t I have a proper consultation first?

The lady said “oh yeah I suppose so I’ll book you in for a consultation tomorrow when the stylist will be back”.

I was flabbergasted to discover that this lady with so much mouth was only the receptionist! However I was also glad that she would not be the one touching my nappy hair!

      We arranged the consultation for the next day at 17:30.

The Next Day 17:33

I rocked up to the salon and greeted the ladies who were present, Ms Mouthy Receptionist was there – of course and the stylist was there, doing a clients weave, another lady in a green top was also there.

I apologised for being late and Miss Mouthy said “Sian I was just about to mark you down as a no show”

I said “I’m only three minutes late” and she replied

“no you’re over half an hour late”

I didn’t want to enter into another debate with this woman, so I just said I’d come back another time,

but green top said “you are here now so we can still do the consultation”

With no further ado green top grabbed my hair and began pulling it about and dragging my twists in every direction, not very hard but it wasn’t exactly soft either.

The stylist who was installing the weave asked what I wanted and I  explained again and she said she should be able to do it. I asked if she would be the one actually doing my hair on the day and she said yes.

I asked “green top” if she worked there and she told me no. I was furious inside!

I wanted to know what made this random woman think she had the right to touch my hair and she didn’t even work in the salon! But out of respect and due to my impeccable home training (thanks Mum and Dad) I didn’t shout at the woman and explode, I politely asked her to stop touching my hair.

I explained that I didn’t want to use directheat and that the style could be achieved with bendy rollers, blank stares again but this time I  had my photos on my phone and could show exactly what I was on about.

The stylist said she would use “coilformers”

I said “do you mean Curlformers?”

She sent the receptionist out to the back of the shop and shortly she shuffled back in with Curlformers.

The stylist said that she hadn’t used them before but she was looking for someone to test them out on! At this point I knew I would NEVER get my hair done there but for the sake of curiosity I asked how much would it cost to have it done and she told me £45 at first but then she said “actually since your hair is natural and I don’t like doing natural hair it will be £75”

Needless to say this was not a pleasant experience for me and the Salon Search Continues…

Take Care



5 thoughts on “Salon Search Episode 1.

  1. You are a much much better woman than me. From the initial contact with the receptionist I would have went somewhere else. How in this day and age you can referring to natural hair as nappy as a business professional is beyond me.
    I have stopped going to the salon because I am frequently disappointed. Finding a hairdresser who can deal with curly hair is hard. Good luck with your search.

    • I wanted to give the stylist the benefit of the doubt, so i thought I’d come back and give them a chance. Since I’ve been natural I’ve mainly been doing my hair at home but sometimes you want to be pampered you know? I have found a good place though. Salon Search Episode 2 coming soon.

  2. Hi,
    I am writing from NoScrunchie and wondering if you came back to the site and gave this salon a review. The review would be useful to other naturals who will avoid having the same experience.


  3. Hi Leillah, welcome and thank you for reading, I wasn’t going to out this review on your site because I didn’t really want to name and shame because all the other reviews left positive reviews of the salon. However upon reflection and reading the other reviews I decided to post my review, it is awaiting moderation on your site.

    • Hi, thanks for reviewing. I think its great because salons do not know that we want better until we complain! And in some cases, some salons are really good at chemical treatments but not so much with natural hair so its best to warn other naturals out there.

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