Transitioning…. Again

Hi Everyone!

I have “lost” my curl pattern. I know hair naturally changes throughout our life time, for example when we are born our “baby hair” is a different texture to that of when we are children and then after puberty the texture usually changes again, apparently every 7 years  our hair texture could potentially change.

However my curl pattern has gone because I abused my hair ,  in my post  My Natural Hair Journey So Far  you can see how much I coloured my hair.

Any kind of chemical process can loosen/ damage your curl pattern, the most obvious type of chemical process being relaxing or perming. However bleaching and colouring can change your curl pattern even if you colour naturally with henna or other plants.       As you know I bleached, coloured and hennaed my hair repeatedly. Below is the result:



Dry hair with no discernible curl pattern much thinner at the ends than the roots.

In addition my ends are splitting and breaking off. You cannot “mend” split ends there are treatments and lotions and potions that improve the look of split ends but the only way to really get rid of them is to cut them off.

Yes I am smiling in the photo because cutting my hair doesn’t really bother me too much I always used to cut my hair off every summer and it grew back and that was when my hair was relaxed. When I bleached the tips (again and again) I was fully intending to cut them off but I never got round to it.

This is what my curl pattern used to look like:


No it wasn’t the tightest curl but I loved it! I had so much volume and bounce!

So now I’m going to cut all the coloured ends off, but as you can see from the current hair photos most of my hair is coloured. I do not want to go back to a TWA (right now, I’m liable to change my mind) so I’m going to cut off the coloured parts slowly which is transitioning… Again!

I don’t have a grand plan to transition I’m going to just do it, I will be doing protective styling but I’ll also be wearing my hair out because, damaged or not I love rocking my own hair and most protective styles that use “extra” hair annoy me and I cannot leave them in for too long.

My lovely sister in law canerowed my hair for me with extensions and I added an old hair piece I found in my hair collection:Image



Unfortunately the braids were so tight in the back that I had to remove the style after only one week. I really liked the style, so I left it in for one week hoping that it would loosen up a bit if I regularly misted my hair with my water oil mix, but it was still just as tight and I was getting bumps at the beginning of each braid at the nape of my neck. The bumps anywhere round the hair line are a sure sign that the hair has been pulled too tight and breakage can occur.

I want my hair to be cut professionally so I began the search to find a decent hair salon that caters to natural hair.

More about the search in my next posts.

Take Care



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