My Birthday Cake!

My Birthday Cake!

This is the best birthday cake I have ever had, because my husband made it for me from scratch.

My husband has never made a cake in his life and despite being married to me he has never shown an ounce of interest in baking.

Somehow he managed to smuggle this cake into the restaurant where I had my birthday dinner (Ping Pong St Katherine’s Dock). At the end of the meal the waiter brought the cake out and I asked who made it, my Mother-in-Law confirmed that my husband made it… as DH himself was feigning ignorance.

I was so shocked that I burst into tears! I was so happy and surprised that my DH made it as he HATES cooking and he did it all by himself with no help.

Despite my love of baking I refuse to make my own birthday cake out of principle. Because I spend the rest of the year making cakes for other people I’ve always thought it would be nice if one of my family members or friends made me a cake. It wouldn’t matter to me if it came out wonky or didn’t rise it ‘s just the thought and effort that someone would have made for me.

As you can see this cake rose perfectly and is not wonky at all. It’s chocolate and hazelnut cake filled and covered with dark chocolate ganache and roasted hazelnut nibs , absolutely perfect for me, my husband knows me too well!

Thank you Hubby, I love you so much! xxx


4 thoughts on “My Birthday Cake!

  1. Loved the birthday cake blog. What a sweet hubby. All the single ladies now know what to look for in a man. Get baking guys! 🙂

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