Natural Newbie: Georgia

Hi My Cakers, Bakers and Beauties!

The next Natural Newbie interview is with my long time friend Georgia.



Please Introduce Yourself, How old are you? Where are you from? What do you do for a living?
Hi my name is Georgia Gilbert, I am 28 years old, I am from London and at the moment I am a Nursery Nurse.
How long have you been natural?
I have been¬†natural from the 9th of May 2013. So¬†that’s¬†about 2 months now…
Why did you go natural?
I wanted to sister lock my hair, and after doing my research on it, I thought it would be best to do it on natural hair, instead of on relaxed hair.
Did you Transition or Big Chop? If you transitioned how long did you transition and why?
I transitioned first for 4 months and after seeing how awful my hair looked to me, with the two different textures of hair, I decided to do¬†the big chop, at first a hairdresser talked me out of it, as she¬†didn’t¬†want to cut my shoulder length hair for some reason, so I just got a co-worker to chop it off for me!¬†
When you got rid of all your relaxed hair, how did you feel?
Don’t laugh, but I felt liberated, ¬†I wished I had done it sooner.
What reaction did you get from your partner/family/friends and colleagues when you started rocking your natural hair?
My partner loved it, but then he always nagged be about going natural, when I first told him I was thinking about doing it.
Family and friends love it even though they don’t¬†¬†think it will last. Work colleagues are still getting used to the look, as I do work with mainly Caucasian¬†people, but they do show¬†a lot¬†of interest and ask me various questions.
Do you have a hair goal?
I do. The aim is to grow it long enough, for me to feel comfortable to get it sister locked, simply because I don’t like how sisterlocks looks on very short hair.
What’s your current favourite style?¬†
At the moment I’m enjoying twist outs.
If you were stranded on a dessert island what 3 hair products would you want?
Definitely my Shea butter mix, rosewater & aloe mist, and a good shampoo (still searching for one my hair likes.)
What is your favourite hair tool, and why?
My fingers, simply because I can achieve my desired style just by using my fingers, whether I’m detangling, parting or twisting my hair etc. They do a better job than a comb.
Do you have a hair regime, if so what is it? 
Not really, at the moment I am only co-washing my hair once a week as I’m still on a search for a decent all natural shampoo, (that I won’t have an allergic reaction to.) My main hairstyle is twist outs, so I only use Shea butter with a little bit of Eco Styler Gel mixed in, to achieve my desired hairstyle.
Which person, or people with natural hair inspire or encourage you in your natural hair journey? 
My partner has encouraged me, but as a man there is only so much¬†encouragement¬†he can give. But you Sian have been there for me to answer questions, and to give advice, and I’m¬†extremely¬†grateful.
Have you faced any challenges or made any mistakes with your natural hair?
The only challenge is that my scalp is now sensitive now and I have found out that I have allergies, I used to be proud to say that I didn’t suffer from any allergies, but I can’t say that any more and shockingly the adverse reaction was from a natural product (Peppermint Oil). So reading the ingredients of¬†products is now a must.¬†
Do you have any advice for New Naturals or those who are thinking about going natural but haven’t stopped¬†
relaxing/perming/texurising yet?
Enjoy and appreciate what grows out of you head, you might come across challenges but don’t give up and turn back to chemicals. Oh yeah don’t get too excited or over whelmed by the amount of YouTube natural hair videos out there, and be quick to copy what they are doing. Everybody’s hair is different so what works for them might not work for you, get to know your hair, and do what’s best for you.
Has going natural made a positive change in other parts of your life?
Yes, going natural was a big change for me and I will never go back, its made me feel like a new woman, and therefore I’m now living my life differently, it’s amazing how changing how you choose to wear your hair, makes you see the world differently.
Thanks to Georgia & thanks to you for reading!

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