The Denzel Principle – Controversial but a good read

The Denzel Principle - Controversial but a good read

I just finished this book and I thought I’d share it with you. I borrowed it from my local library, sorry to be so old fashioned but I love libraries and they are really important community hubs, with all the budget cuts if we don’t use our local libraries we will lose them.

This book made me laugh all the way through, the tone is light and anecdotal throughout – please understand that I was reading it purely out of curiosity as I do not need to find a good Black man.

The book is full or profanity though so it’s not for the easily offended, or those lacking a sense of humour, however it contains some interesting points of view and some home truths for some people regardless of ethnicity or gender. I don’t agree with everything he says in the book but that’s not the point of reading is it?  I believe that you have to open your mind to listen to arguments you don’t agree with as well as the ones you do.



Luv Sian x



5 thoughts on “The Denzel Principle – Controversial but a good read

  1. I’m a library lover, too. I’m always checking out (or renewing!) something. Thanks for the thoughts on this book. The cover makes it look quite intriguing…I can imagine it would be an interesting read. 🙂

    • That’s me and libraries too, I took 15 books on my most recent holiday I actually had to remove some clothes and shoes from my suitcase. I love my Kindle but batteries can never die when you’re reading a book.

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