Man Made Afro!

Hello my Cakers, Bakers and Beauties!

The other day I was in my local “hood salon” and I saw this man (below) getting his hair done.


The Afro before cutting and shaping.

I was literally fascinated and asked him if I could ask him a few questions and take a couple of photos, he agreed but as he was in  a rush he asked me if I could email him the questions instead of asking then and there. I dutifully emailed him later that day, but I am yet to receive a response  maybe I copied his email address incorrectly. Who knows?


Back View before cutting and shaping

What I did manage to find out is that this gentleman name is Marlon and he is originally from Trinidad but grew up in NYC.

The style took 1.5 hours and was achieved by using the “pick and drop method” using synthetic kinky hair

(just over 1 &  a half packs, Colour 27, Aftress Elysse Star £4.99 per pack ). Marlon already had blond natural hair a little bit longer than a TWA, the stylist did not braid the very centre of his hair with extensions because the density was already enough with just the edges done, as you can see from my photos, you cannot tell that the middle does not have any extensions.

If you would like this style, depending on your braider you should expect to pay between £35-50 pounds in London, personally I would negotiate around £40 and tip the braider if I like the service/salon.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the pick and drop method it is a way of installing hair extensions where the stylist begins by braiding a piece of hair into a small parted section of hair growing out of the person’s head, but stops braiding after roughly an inch and seals the hair with a knot or sometimes glue.

pick and drop 2

The loose end of the braid is usually styled to blend in with the person’s own hair. Unless your hair is very short or the extension is braided past the ends of your own hair, pick and drop is not really a protective style as the oldest and most fragile parts of your hair – the ends are exposed to the elements and are sometimes manipulated by the brushing and combing that is done to style and detangle the loose hair. You do have a lot of styling versatility with Pick and Drop Styles and in my experience it is a lot easier to clean, dry and moisturise your real hair in braids rather than a weave, but to each her own.

Below are some more examples of Pick & Drop styles

(none of these images belong to me, if the image belongs to you and you would like credit or for me to remove the image let me know.)

 pick-and-drop1 pick and drop 3pick and drop 4

As you can see Pick and Drop Styles can be achieved with practically any type of extension, your braider will be able to advise you further.


The Finished Look!

I really liked this style and I think that it is a great way to boost your ‘Fro. I will definitely be trying this style in the future, not in blond of course!


Oh and Sheryl Underwood if you are reading this, (not likely I know) here is proof that people want Afro-textured hair extensions !

Every day on the streets of London I see people with many types of kinky curly extensions wigs and weaves!

Thank you to Marlon for being such a great sport!

Thanks to you for reading my blog.





7 thoughts on “Man Made Afro!

    • Hi Rae, I think the term “Pick & Drop” is geographical, where I grew up in South London (UK) the majority of braiders are West African and this is what this technique is mainly known as in that part of the world so that’s what I grew up calling it, in other places it’s also known as “Invisible Braids” (which I think is crazy because the braids are obvious…)

  1. This is Marlon…Sian..Wow the hair was a new I love natural hair..wanted to have fun this summer and i definitely did…I am back to the old boring me…well. Thanks for taking the pics before and after I will definitely cherish these…Marlon

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