Natural Deodorants?

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Before you carry on reading this post please be aware that I’m going to be writing honestly about my armpits and body odour, so please skip this post if it’s a topic that may offend you.

Because of the health concerns about Aluminium and Zirconium in traditional antiperspirant deodorants, I have decided to stop using regular deodorants and switch to natural alternatives.

I have always used roll on deodorants because the aerosols make me wheeze.

I have heard that several natural oils have deodorant properties so I decided to try them out, I have also recently started a new workout regime so it is the perfect time to “road-test”  these natural deodorants. I am not worried about antiperspirant qualities because I don’t sweat that much and I believe that sweat helps carry toxins out of the body so I don’t want to trap the sweat inside my body.

Being a fabulous natural-haired baker I have several natural oils and other handy ingredients lying around my house.

I applied all my “deodorants” to freshly washed and dried hairless armpits at the beginning of each day.

At first I tried Castor Oil and Coconut Oil -each on their own, they are both supposed to have anti-bacterial properties and as you know it’s the bacteria in (old) sweat that causes the odour, not the sweat itself.

These oils were a huge FAIL, on their own and mixed together.

Next I tried Fresh Lemon Juice another fail, but it worked better than the oils and was easier on my clothes.

I tried Bicarbonate of Soda on it’s own but it was to0 gritty and couldn’t really “stick” to my skin so it was another fail.

Then I had the bright idea to mix the Bicarb and Lemon Juice together! I put around a teaspoon of bicarb into an old glass ramekin and added a few drops of lemon juice, of course it fizzed up but I applied this foam to my underarms with a cotton wool ball and it worked!  At the end of each day even on workout days there was literally no odour and even though I wasn’t bothered by this my pits were practically dry! It was a bit of a bother making this mix every day but it was worth it, or so I thought …

After about 2 weeks of using my Lemon/Bicarb foam as deodorant I noticed my underarms were really sore, this is probably because I was mixing an Acid (lemon juice) and an Alkaline (Bicarb) together in random quantities and didn’t get the pH Balance right, I would revisit this mixture again but I needed to use something else in the meantime so I went on-line about bought this:

2013-12-15 14.46.33

I tried this one first because I use their Shampoo and I really like it, plus the Aloe Vera is soothing and helps with skin problems. This deodorant did soothe my underarms but that’s pretty much all it did, I’m so disappointed.

This deodorant smells quite earthy on it’s own, not a horrible fragrance but not a nice one either, the roll-on is easy to use and a really good size, I bought it for £7.00 on Amazon it had quite good reviews but sadly it didn’t work for me.  It works for a few hours but by the end of the day it’s like I haven’t used deodorant at all and that “earthy” smell…well um it’s not great.

I hate to waste money so I’m going to use the whole roll-on until it’s finished. I’m not an overly stinky lady and it’s winter so I think I’ll get away with it. My search is not over yet and I’ll also be trying a new recipe to mix up my own deodorant very soon.

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4 thoughts on “Natural Deodorants?

  1. I have personally used CRYSTAL Stick Body Deodorant which is sold on Amazon. It was many years ago so I can’t remember why I stopped using it but I used it for a long while so I must have liked it. I don’t remember not liking it and used the whole thing.

    Tea tree oil is another very good oil that kills bacteria and it’s not oily if you buy the Essential oils. I would suggest Tea Tree Oil mixed with Eucalyptus Oil/Grapefruit Seed Oil for a nice natural scent. Tea Tree Oil is a little strong hence my suggestion to mix it. I use all these oils for my hair & scalp so I know that it keeps it smelling really good.

    Hope I didn’t drag on too much!

    Good luck!!!

  2. I also made the switch to deodorants from antiperspirants. It is trial and error when trying to find a natural deodorant that works. I have at least half a dozen in my cupboard that didn’t work so well. JASON’s being one of them. 😦 I have had great results with the crystal rock.
    I had the intention of making my own. Found this recipe but have yet to implement.

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