Product Review – Almocado Lemon Sugar Face Scrub

Product Review - Almocado Lemon Sugar Face Scrub

Hello my Beauties!

I’m very sorry for the grainy quality of these photos, my proper camera is currently on loan to a family member.

Anyway a tub of scrub is a tub of scrub, what’s important is what is inside the tub.

This face scrub is amazing I really love it, yes it’s a small tub but I’ve been using  it 3-7 times per week since October 19th 2013 and there is still loads left.

2013-12-15 14.45.43

When you open the lid the smell is heavenly, it’s a citrusy, zingy, yummy smell that’s sweet but not sickly.

It does smell edible but not in that gross, over perfumed,synthetic way that you get with most of the cleansing products from the  Body shop, am I allowed to mention the Body Shop specifically? I hope they don’t sue me… Its just my opinion people,you can buy sickly body washes and face scrubs from many other high street stores-  Only don’t do that, head to and buy their one instead!

The consistency of this scrub is very light and creamy but it is also a solid cream so it does not fly out of the tub if you drop it in the shower- something I have done many times, not because the tub is slippery, I’m just clumsy.

I use the back of my nail to scrape about a 5p sized lump of scrub out of the tub then put that in my palm, add a bit of water and mix them on my palm, it lathers up then I use my hands to rub the frothy loveliness onto my face.

I’m very fussy and as much as I love this scrub, I would like more scrubby bits in the product, this scrub does get my face very clean and it has helped with the smoothness of my overall complexion but I’d like more scrubbies it’s just my personal choice, I even like bits in my orange juice! This scrub rinses off easily and does not leave my face feeling dry afterwards.

I highly recommend this product, it’s only £6.00 and yes I bought it with my own money 😉






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