Mini Makeover, Mini Chop

Hello my Naturalistas!

I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet.

My Sister Ebony, fancied a new look, she has very curly hair but it was getting a bit straggly on the ends, 

the weight of her hair plus the bleach and other highlights had also loosened her curl pattern.


I’m not a hair dresser, but I’ve been playing with styling Ebony’s hair for almost 2 decades!

My Sister trusts me and I thought I could turn my hand to a bit of cutting and styling,

so armed with a pair or brand new hair scissors and a box of “Dark and Lovely Red Hot Rhythm”

hair dye, I got to work! 


                                                                                Before- Front View

I cut my sister’s hair clean and dry without any product, I wanted to see the true shape of the cut as I went along, also you get a sharper, cleaner cut on dry, curly (and kinky) hair, imagine cutting a wet piece of paper versus cutting a dry piece of paper.

Ebony wanted more volume, so because her hair is quite fine I decided to cut in a few subtle layer and take a few inches off to make her hair physically lighter that way her curls would have more bounce and volume. 


                                                                         After the cut – backImage

I mixed and applied the colour in the normal way…


After I rinsed the colour out, I mixed the conditioner that came in the hair dye box kit with olive oil and coconut oil and combed it through Ebony’s hair, I slapped a heat wrap on her head and we played speed Articulate! for half an hour or so.

I rinsed out the deep conditioner and used an old T-shirt to blot most of the water out, while her hair was still damp I added a small amount of a generic leave in conditioner and combed it through with a large toothed comb.  I used a hair dryer on low to diffuse her hair to about 80% dry before looking at the cut once again and neatening it up a bit around the bottom and sides.



Ebony was really happy with the result, (so was I) she didn’t want it too neat, that’s really not her look.

The colour is lovely and now you can see her true curl pattern, plus it now only takes about 5 minutes to detangle her hair!

Bit of lippy, eye liner and mascara and voila! Jobs a goodun!Image

Thanks for reading!






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