February 8th Part 2 – Car Crash

February 8th Continued…

The event that I was heading to after setting up the cake was Catch up and Connect at “ The Lovely Little Lunch” a small lunch event organised by Crystal Afro of the United Kinkdom.

The lunch was in a Tapas style restaurant called Seven @ Brixton.

We were in Brixton on the way to the restaurant when we had a car accident and our car flipped over.

Flipped Onto Drivers Side

Flipped Onto Drivers Side

For legal reasons I cannot go into too much detail but it was not our fault and we WALKED out of the car with no MAJOR injuries.

When it happened it seemed like it time had slowed down, I remember every detail even though the whole thing had to have happened very quickly in order for the car to actually  flip over, imagine if you are trying to tip a heavy object over onto its side, once you get the object so far off the ground there has to be enough momentum for it to actually tip on to its side otherwise the object will simply right itself and fall back onto its base.

Immediately after the collision I was very calm, in fact I still had my handbag on my lap and my mobile phone in my hand.

I was in the front passenger seat and practically suspended in mid-air by my seat belt. It was not even a particularly uncomfortable position to be in.

In 2014 I don’t know anyone who doesn’t wear their seatbelt in a car but I have to stress this to you all.


My Husband was near the ground on his right side as that’s the side the car fell onto and his window was smashed, I could see a lot of dark red liquid leaking from the front drivers side and my heart stopped because I thought my Husband was bleeding , I kept on alternating between asking him  if he was alright and telling him he was bleeding, at that point was the only time I panicked because he wasn’t answering my question he was just asking me if I was alright! I was thinking that he was just in shock and could not feel the pain of the horrendous injury that he must have sustained.

Eventually my Husband answered me and told me that he wasn’t bleeding and that he was ok. Finally my heart returned to it’s normal rhythm. By this time many passers-by had congregated on the street,  which had been completely empty when we had turned into it. One man tried to open my door to help me out of the car, but unless I was going to stand on hubby how was I going to get out of the car seeing as my door was facing towards the sky!

Sensibly someone else opened the boot (like a door since the car was on it’s side) he removed the shelf from the back of the car and reclined the back seats, I was able to swivel my legs so that my feel where on the floor carefully avoiding stepping on my DH. I handed hubby my handbag and then he undid my seat belt. I was then able to simply walk out of the back of the car and hubby followed straight after. We were a bit shaken up and hubby had some cuts and bruises from the broken glass and impact but the main thing is we survived the crash.

I’d like to say a special thanks to The Met Police, The Ambulance Service and The London Fire Brigade for arriving so quickly to the scene, looking after us so well and their professionalism and courtesy. Also thanks to the Lady at number 55 who allowed us to use her kitchen and bathroom to get cleaned up, interviewed and checked over by the paramedics, you offered us towels, shelter and tea and for that we are eternally grateful.

My reaction may seem a bit extreme but I’ve been on this planet for 28 years and never been in a car accident, not even a tiny bump or fender bender, I was not even aware that a car could flip over and the passengers could walk out of the vehicle. I know there were many factors involved which meant that the car accident happened the way it did but the fact remains that we could have died.

Whatever your personal Spiritual or Religious beliefs are, I know that it was not our time to go, The Universe, God, Angels, Our Ancestors, Karma and Positive Energy were all looking out for us.

I won’t go as far as to say that the crash changed my life but it did confirm my outlook on life and remind me to live and enjoy the present.

I am always saying “I could get hit by a bus” almost as an excuse to throw caution to the wind and do whatever I feel like doing, even for a brief moment , what I mean is that I could die at any time and the next day, minute or second are not promised to me, unfortunately I have seen too many of my close family members pass away in the last few years including fit and healthy young people.

I know that in reality anything could happen that could cause my time on this planet to end abruptly, but I never really and truly believed it until the car accident.

I haven’t done anything drastic like spend my life savings on a massive holiday or anything like that but I have now started to really try and enjoy the moment, if I had died in that car crash would my loved ones really care that I’m still slightly overweight or that my hair hasn’t yet grown to an Afro of immense proportions?

Would they care that I haven’t sorted out all my expense receipts? Or that the dishes in my sink were dirty?


I’ve learned not to stress about the little things so much and enjoy my ride to work, even if we’re stuck in a traffic jam because it means that I get to spend that little bit more time with my Husband.

It doesn’t matter if I’m not at my desk bang on 08:00 every day because I do have flexi time and I can just leave at 17:07 instead of 17:00 on the dot.

I  know that getting fitter and healthier does not happen overnight and that I need to enjoy my workout classes instead of being upset that I STILL can’t fit into the dress I wore 5 years ago  for my birthday.

I can hang upside down all I like and apply a river of ACV or a  forest full of juices, oils and berries to my head while dancing in the full moon and it will still take YEARS for my hair to grow as big as I want it to be especially if I

keep on  trimming it obsessively.  I want to enjoy my mid-length mid-size kinky, curly ‘fro and wear styles that I like, rather than “hiding” my crowning glory in protective styles all the time.

I know that time is so precious and rather than just racing towards my goals I genuinely need to enjoy who I am NOW and how my life currently is because once I’m gone, none of that other stuff really matters…


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