February 8th Part 3 The Lovely Little Lunch

February 8th continued…

Hubby and I were instructed by our roadside rescue company that it would take around 75 minutes for the tow truck to arrive, so we were advised by the police to go an sit in a café or somewhere close by to wait to get picked up. Since we were a so close to our destination we decided to go to the event anyway.

We hobbled along to Seven @ Brixton and were led down a dimly lit – slightly grimy corridor and up a tiny crooked set of stairs.

When we got to the upstairs landing the bubbly blonde waitress led us to a lovely little room all done up with hearts and flowers and full of beautiful natural haired ladies!



The Ladies & their Twitter Handles:
Ayoki – @Ayokibrown
Cherelle – @locsntatts
Cynthia – @KickinKinks
Ketisha – @SugarKinesis
Lola – @LolasCurls
Rachy – @UKNaturals
Sian – @SianTheBaker (ME)
Sister E – @TheCalabashHub
Stacey – @TheNaprika

I had met all of the ladies before except Rachy from UK Naturals but I recognised her from Social Media, I quickly explained why I had brought along  a gate crasher and after showing the pics and confirming that we were relatively ok we got stuck into the fun and games!

I’d like to say a huge thanks to all of the Lovely Little Lunchers for welcoming my Husband into the LLL and helping us to take our minds off the day’s previous events.

Crystal had set up a few games and a quiz and we split into teams to play them, first we were in 3 teams to play a memory game where each team had 40 seconds to memorise a Mood Board full of words related to one of 3 topics, Social Media, Valentine’s Day or Natural Hair, our team (me, Kofi and Cherelle of Locs and Tatts) had to memorise the Valentine’s day board, we did quite well when we had to shout out all of the words we remembered after our 40 seconds was up, but I think that the team that was marking us were cheating, I’m not a sore loser #JustSaying.


After the memory game Crystal split the room into 2 teams, our team was called Curls n Swirls and consisted of me, Cherelle, Kinesha, Teshna and Rachy,  my Husband was in charge of the keeping scores. Each team took it in turns to nominate a team member to answer a question based on Social Media, Natural Hair or London, each player could choose her subject to answer a question on until the questions on that subject ran out, if the player answered the questions on her own she was awarded 2 points for her team or she could “retweet” the question by  inviting her entire team to help with the answer but a retweeted answer  would only earn 1 point for the team.

My Husband - Crystal's Glamourous Assistant.

My Husband – Crystal’s Glamourous Assistant.


Me laughing because I lost a 2 points for our team on a really easy question!

Obviously the Natural Hair topic was chosen most because we were all Natural Hair bloggers in one way or another, most of the questions were harder than you might think which actually made the  Game more fun.

I’m happy to report that Curls n Swirls won that game.   Our prize was a goody bag full of natural hair samples that we divvied up between the team.

We were each also given our own individual goody bags literally FULL of individually wrapped natural hair goodies, I really appreciated the amount of Love and effort Crystal put into the event. If you follow my blog you know I gave up going to “Natural Hair Events” because I felt that some of the organisers were simply out to make money and were not offering me anything worthwhile for the price of the ticket.

Please enjoy some more photos of the event…


If you picked one of the hearts with the marked base you won a larger prize

And the winners are...

And the winners are…


Custom made cocktail "single strand shot"

Custom made cocktail “single strand shot”


Excuse the face, it was actually pretty tasty!

I would also like to say thank you to the following companies for their contribution to the event:


  • The Venue: Seven At Brixton – @SevenAtBrixton
  • Curly By Nature – @curlybyn
  • Hug My Hair – @HugMyHair
  • KeraCare Natural Textures – @AvlonUK
  • Mane Divas – @Manedivas
  • Shea Decadance – @shea_decadence
  • Sonia Evelyn – @Evelynproducts
  • AfroDeity – @AfrodeityLtd
  • Mmm Hair – @MmmHair
  • Just Things by LX – @JustThingsbyLX
  • Shea Surprise – sheasurprise.com
  • The Calabash Hub – @TheCalabashHub
  • Enwine Couture – @EntwineCouture
  • Adornment 365 – @Adornment365

Photo Credits go to all the other lovely little lunchers, I’d accidently left my camera at home!

Thanks for reading





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