Ice Skating at the Tower of London

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I live in Central London and every Winter several Tourist Attractions and Historical Palaces erect outdoor “pop up” Ice Rinks.        I loved to ice skate as a child and every year I say –  I want to ice skate at one of the popular outdoor rinks and every year I walk past the rinks wistfully. I’m not sure why I never just book a ticket and go! Even if I went by myself I’d enjoy it.

Scale Model of Tower Bridge

Scale Model of Tower Bridge

I live roughly 5 minutes away from Tower Bridge one of the most famous bridges in the world and at the other end of Tower Bridge is the Tower of London. The Tower of London has an outdoor ice rink so last December I bought 3 tickets and forced asked my Mum and My Sister to go with me. At £13.50 each for a one hour session, it was a bit pricey but everything in Central London is pricey and I’m used to it by now *sigh*.

2013-12-20 19.29.23

I booked an evening session and I was quite impressed with the way they organised themselves, the ice rink asked everyone to come 20 mins early so that we were able to put our belongings away and swap our boots/shoes for ice skates. (Skate hire included in price of admission.

Mum, Me 'n Sis

Mum, Me ‘n Sis

I’m going to be honest with you there were too many small children skating in our session, I have nothing against small children per se but ice skating can be quite dangerous and with inexperienced adult skaters sliding and skidding around it was quite nerve -wracking, especially because the hired skates didn’t have any breaks or spikes on them.

The rink was set up against one of the walls of the castle and it was very picturesque but I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t play any music.

2013-12-20 18.47.00 2013-12-20 19.07.09 2013-12-20 19.09.50

someone just took a drop!

someone just took a drop!

After 30 mins of skating our feet were killing us! I mean seriously it felt like I had been at a Soca dance for 9 hours, wearing 7 inch stilettos with shards of glass inside them. Just like dancing in stilettos if you stop moving the pain only intensifies so we soldiered it out for about 15 more minutes before throwing it the towel!

Tower of London in the Background

Tower of London in the Background

We had worked up quite a hunger while skating so we headed to the nearby St Katherine’s Dock for a meal and to chat of course!

I love spending time with my family and I have really close relationships with my Mum and my Sister but since my Sister and I moved out of our Mum and Dad’s house, the three of us rarely get to go out alone. We had a really good evening out.

Lets wear Mum's Glasses!

Selfies! Lets wear Mum’s Glasses!

2013-12-20 20.05.55

We should get Sponsored by Colgate!

Just playing around...

Just playing around…

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    • I do indeed, originally I was reluctant to move to Central London- having been brought up in the suberbs/country But now I’m here I try to make the most of it. London is an amazing city.

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