Afrofit African Virgin Coconut Oil – A Review

2015-01-01 14.48.25

Hello My Cakers Bakers and Beauties!

This is a long overdue review, I was given a jar of Afrofit virgin coconut oil to review a good while ago …but then life happened. I won’t go into all the reasons and excuses it has taken me so long to post my review but I did use the coconut oil when it was first given to me, in fact I finished the whole jar which is why I can give an honest and full review of the product now. Before I get into the review properly I owe Damola Ojo the general manager of Afrofit a huge apology.

Mr Ojo – I’m truly and sincerely sorry, for not posting my review sooner.

So as a natural hair/baking blogger I was already using coconut oil in the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. I’ll try not to bore you by writing about all of the uses for coconut oil, but I will share a few of my favourite ways to use coconut oil at the end of my review.

If you are in the UK like me, one of the best reasons for you to buy Afrofit V.C.O is because it is sold and distributed by a Black owned U.K business, no crazy shipping prices or waiting time. Afrofit support local economy in West Africa by sourcing their coconut oil from small-scale farmers in Ghana who use traditional methods to process the coconut oil, they also pay the farmers a fair price for their hard work.

Afrofit V.C.O has a nice fresh coconutty scent and does not have the tendency to smell like baby sweat (shout out to Evelyn from the internets!) like some other brands do, the consistency is solid (because U.K is cold) but it melts upon contact with my hands. This coconut oil is not very grainy which can be annoying sometimes when I’m using it for my hair.

As well as applying the oil topically, I also use it for oil pulling (explanation below), I drop a tablespoon into my green smoothies for an energy and nutrient boost and of course I use it for cooking.

Afrofit V.C.O is a good alternative to butter in vegan cakes –  I don’t really use margarine unless it’s specially requested because margarine is a highly processed synthetic food and full of chemicals.

Afrofit V.C.O does taste of coconut but the flavour is not overpowering, for example in baked goods you can’t really discern a coconut flavour but if you use it to make scrambled eggs you can taste the coconut. It depends on what you are cooking with it or combining it with because shallow fried plantain or fish does not taste of coconut but I can taste it in a smoothie that does not have a strong tasting fruit/vegetable in it. I like the taste of coconut so for me I don’t mind that I can taste it sometimes, plus Afrofit coconut oil is the best tasting coconut oil i’ve ever used.

Obviously Afrofit V.C.O is suitable for vegans,vegetarians, people with a gluten intolerance and most people with treenut allergies because coconut is a fruit and even then the oil contains hardly any protein.

Lastly the Afrofit team are basically hotties, I’m not ashamed to admit that they are a bunch of beautiful black men with nice bodies, so ladies if you hear that Afrofit are going to be at an event near you, I highly suggest you book your ticket quickly!!! Not to leave the Afrofit ladies out of the mix because they are reppin fitness,faces and curves in the workout videos and in the promotional material.

As promised here a just a few of my favourite uses for Afrofit Virgin  coconut oil:

  • As a pre-poo (natural, transitioning or relaxed) to help with detangling and to help minimise hygral fatigue – hair damage resulting from the constant swelling and contracting of the hair during the uptake and loss of water. It’s important to do your pre-poo overnight if you can because although coconut oil is one of the very few oils that can penetrate into the hair strand it takes several hours for this happen.
  •  To remove make up.
  •  Added to shea butter to make a softer, multi purpose shea butter whip.
  • Oil pulling – you use the oil like mouthwash to help with oral health and hygiene.
  • Massage oil 😉
  • Used like body lotion on damp skin after a shower to lock in moisture and give my skin a sexy glow.
  • Mixed with demerara sugar for a lip/body scrub.

Afrofit do ship internationally so head over for their website to order and for more information.

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Naked Winter Berry Cake

Hello My Cakers and Bakers.

Happy Holidays!

Of course I’ve been busy baking over the Christmas period.

Below is a Red Berry “naked cake” I made for a customer, in the cross section you will see that the cake has several layers as well as a horizontal pattern. A naked cake is simply a cake without external icing it’s naked so that all the layers can be seen from the outside and it allows for the flavours of the cake to shine through and not be overpowered by heavy sugary icing or frosting.


PicMonkey Collage (5)


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Crystal’s 30th Birthday Cake

Hello my Cakers, Bakers and Beauties,
Sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of months, I’ve been travelling again and going through some things…More about that later but for now.
Right let get straight into the blog post…
A Couple of months ago I was asked to make a birthday cake for a very special lady,
Ms Crystal Afro of the United Kinkdom Blog.
Crystal was the ideal customer in the sense that she knew the basic aspects of the cake she wanted – (a Victoria sponge cake in the shape of the number 30 with yellow icing) but was open to suggestions and let me use my imagination for the final result.
For me, people who are too specific are very hard to please because they have an exact image in their mind and it’s not possible to produce an exact match for what is in their imagination, in addition I NEVER copy cakes – yes there’s nothing wrong with that and it takes a lot of talent and skill to reproduce a real cake from a picture/photo but I prefer to use my own original ideas.
My first challenge was how to make the cake in the shape of a number 3 , I considered carving the cake but I wanted to minimize wasting cake and ingredients by not having lots of off-cuts, I decided to hire a couple of number cake tins and found a shop not too far from me that offered this service, I reserved my tins 2 weeks in advance but when I arrived at the shop to collect the tins I was informed that the ‘0’ was not available because it was in Scotland!!! I was not offered any explanation or apology for this, in fact the customer service I received at this shop went from bad to worse but this post is not going to turn into a rant about bad customer service…
I had no choice but to hire the number ‘8’ tin instead because it was the day before Crystal’s party and I didn’t have time to ring around looking for another shop that had what I needed.
When I got home my first task was to cover the cake board with yellow fondant, it was easy to colour the fondant by kneading  yellow food gel into it but I had been misadvised (by the owner of the same crappy cake shop) about the amount of fondant I would need and no matter how many times I re-rolled that !”£$%& it would not fit over the 20” square cake board!
I had to go out and buy more fondant, colour it again knead it for ages and then finally I was able to roll it neatly over the cake board and add the finishing touch of a black satin ribbon.
2014-10-12 10.31.12
Yes there are a couple of imperfections but I was still proud of how it turned out. My next task was to work out how I was going to turn an “8” into a “0” without the whole thing falling apart, I traced the tins out on some cardboard to give me an idea of the final shape I wanted to achieve.
2014-10-12 07.04.12
Baking the Victoria Sponge cake was pretty simple and the “cake surgery” was not as complicated as I thought it would be… Icing around the 3 was actually much more difficult than I imagined it would be and I struggled to get the icing completely smooth in the crevices, I used a buttercream-hybrid icing of my own invention it has a very buttery and creamy texture due to the addition of double cream and yogurt in my recipe.
2014-10-12 08.21.08 (1)2014-10-12 08.57.10
2014-10-12 10.56.44
2014-10-12 16.58.43
I added a few pink highlights as requested by the Birthday lady and a few edible crystals around her name, I didn’t want to go too overboard on the decoration as it was a cake for a grown up after all! After a day of baking and decorating the cake was all packed up and ready to go.
2014-10-12 17.38.48
I was also an invited guest at Crystal’s birthday as well as a few other UK Naturalistas, I asked the ladies to pose and show me their cake faces!
2014-10-12 21.24.40
I had a really great time at Crystal’s Party and thankfully Crystal and her guests really loved the cake, mission accomplished!
Here are some amazing photos of the taken by Raymond of a A-Picture Photography, thank you very much to Raymond and Chelena for giving me permission to use your photos on my blog.
Crystal Afros's 30th Birthday Party Logo Version205
Crystal Afros's 30th Birthday Party Logo Version206Crystal Afros's 30th Birthday Party Logo Version215
Crystal Afros's 30th Birthday Party Logo Version130 Crystal Afros's 30th Birthday Party Logo Version134
  The “3” cake was demolished in a matter of minutes and the “0” was not far behind…
I have a lot of love and respect for Crystal, Crystal thanks for letting me make your birthday cake it was an honour and a pleasure.
2014-10-12 22.42.31
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February 8th Part 1 – Pirate Party!

Hello my Cakers, Bakers and Beauties!

Last weekend was really busy and hectic for me, I’ve decided to split that crazy day into 3 parts so that each post is not too long.

If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, THANK YOU! You will also know that my nephew Widget’s birthday has rolled around again, last year I made him a cake spelling his name out.

This year my Sister told me that Widget is really into Pirates so he would be having a Pirate themed birthday party.

With a theme like Pirates there are so many ways I could go with the cake, but I knew that whatever I chose to make, planning would be the key to my success.

I considered making various cakes:

a Large Gold Coin – boring

Treasure  Map – too flat

Jolly Roger Flag – not enough colours

Treasure Island- I didn’t think I had enough time

I work a full time day job which  is 35-45 hours per week, by the time I get home from work on Friday Evenings I’m knackered!  On Friday 7th Feb -the night before Widget’s Party, I also had a Princess cake to make which takes 7-9 hours from start to finish. I’d already committed to the Princess cake so I HAD to it but time was of the essence because Wesley’s Birthday Party was starting at 11:00 the next day and I didn’t want to be rushing around in the morning.

I finished the princess cake at around 00:06 in the early hours of Saturday morning, finally I could start on Widget’s cake!

I had decided on a Pirate Ship cake about 2 weeks before his birthday and knew that I wanted it to somehow be in a “Sea” of blue jelly, what I didn’t know is that we don’t make blue jelly in UK, Ugh! So I ordered some from the good old  E-number filled USA.

I also ordered a light blue cake board so that the bottom of the cake wouldn’t get soggy and the jelly wouldn’t get crumbs in it.

I found a huge round serving tray at my  parents’ house which was perfect to pour the jelly into, after I’d placed the cake board into the middle of the tray.

I’d prepared my Sea the night before so it could set  firm before I constructed the cake, once the jelly had set I put cling film over the jelly on the tray so that crumbs would not fall into the jelly (yes I’m obsessed with crumb free jelly.)

While I had the oven on for the Princess cake I’d baked 2 large chocolate cakes which would be the base of my Pirate ship, I’d also made my chocolate ganache so I could crumb coat the cake once the shape was constructed which would ensure my cake would not dry out over night.

I’m sorry I don’t have photos of the process it was really late and I didn’t have much time to spare.

I stacked my 4 cake halves on top of each other and stuck them together with chocolate ganache.

After that I turned my stack over so that they were resting on their  curved side with the flat side facing straight up.

It did look somewhat like a boat and was the right size but I trimmed a couple of centimetres from the curved bottom of my cake so that the boat could sit flat on the cake board.

I used all the spare bits of cake to add more detail to the deck and make the cake look a bit more “shippy”  please bear in mind that I’m not a professional and I have 0% nautical experience.

I just didn’t want to waste any cake so I stuck it all on with ganache, creating  a bow and stern on the ship.

Once I was happy with the shape I covered the whole ship in ganache and smoothed it out as much as possible it was a bit tricky going around the corners and the “steps” on the stern but I managed it.

I used wooden skewers to draw lines on the sides of the ship to represent wooden planks then I put the whole thing in the fridge overnight.

In the morning I was so glad that I only had the decorating left to do!

I used various edible items to add more detail onto the ship, like spraying Cheerios with edible gold spray and stacking them on top of each other to represent the cannons on the ship. I also cut notches and a hole  out of a large chocolate coin for the ships wheel.

I added metallic details to the cake with edible gold piping spelling out Happy Birthday and dots and swirls to look like metal work on the ship.

For finishing touches I poked indoor sparklers in the centre of the cannons, a set of Lego pirates for the deck and a mast sails and Jolly Roger Flag.

The mast was made from bamboo skewers taped together with tea stained paper for the sails, I printed a tiny Jolly Roger from my computer and stuck that to the top of the mast.

I’m aware that I could have made a completely edible ship, but I wanted to make this cake without any icing at all and not too many extra sweets, I was going to carve some figures and details from raw fruit and veggies but my Mum wasn’t keen on the idea

I finished all the decorations to the cake in about an hour and made my way to the venue to set up the cake table.

2014-02-08 13.39.25 2014-02-08 13.39.09 2014-02-08 13.39.03 2014-02-08 13.38.45

I had another event to attend that day so I had intended to drop the cake off early and go to my other event in Brixton for a couple of hours before going back to the party to sing Happy Birthday to Widget  and do all cake cutting stuff.

However the Universe had other plans for me…

Please read Feb 8th Part 2 to find out what happened next.

(Sorry for the picture quality, we forgot to bring the proper camera with us)