Girly NYC Trip and Let Your Hair Down Expo 2014!

Hello my Lovelies!

I met Candace Kelly – journalist and naturalista at the NHW London Event, Candace was so lovely that when she mentioned she was having her own hair event- the Let Your Hair Down Expo in Brooklyn, NYC in September I knew I had to be there!

I let my pen pal Tonia know I was going to be in USA again and she agreed to meet me in NYC and hang out for a few days, I told my mum about the event and she was keen to come along with me too, so before you know it, a girly trip to NYC had been booked!

Tonia, gave me the heads up on a hotel that was still being built but would be open upon our arrival, the Element hotel in Harrison NJ, upon Tonia’s recommendation we booked a suite at the hotel. The hotel was amazing and you can read my full review here on Tripadvisor under the name Sianthe B.

Views from,in the hotel room and selfie on the plane!

Views from and in the hotel room and selfie on the plane!

The first few days in New Jersey was spent relaxing and eating mainly, we cooked in the hotel suite and went into Harlem to eat at Sylvia’s a famous “Soul Food” restaurant. I know people are going to hate me for saying this but my mum are I were underwhelmed by the food at Sylvia’s it was all quite salty, soft and lacking in depth of flavour, however they could have been having an off day…

PicMonkey Collage (7)

Parked near Sylvia’s was a interesting looking truck, which turned out to be a Mobile Boutique! We met the lovely owner of the boutique/vehicle- Nneka Ingram and all purchased a few of her unique accessories.

Nneka and her amazing boutique-truck

Nneka and her amazing boutique-truck

It turns out that NNeka is also a make-up artist so I booked an appointment for her to do my make up for the Let Your Hair Down Expo.

On Saturday 13th September I made my way to Nneka’s truck a tiny bit late, but she was able to do an amazing job on my face in 30 minutes, then I was back on the Subway and headed to Waverly Avenue in Brooklyn for the hair event.

Excuse the quality this was a selfie taken on the subway

Selfie Collage - This is the makeup  done by Nneka, the photos with me in the grey straps were taken 12  hours after the make up was applied and I'd been rained on!!

The event was split into two halves and I’d bought a ticket for the first session which was 12:00 – 16:00. There was a queue when I arrived but I was happy to chat to the Brooklyn Naturalistas and ogle more gorgeous natural hair.

Hair Porn in the queue.

Hair Porn in the queue.

Session one consisted of two workshops:

Presenting Felicia Leatherwood!

She is internationally known for her natural hair artistry and her Loving Your Natural Hair with Natural Care Workshop where naturalistas learn from her years of experiences. Yes, she does the hair of those on the red carpet but this licensed stylist will help you shape your look. Learn about hair care maintenance, low and high end products and styles that suit you.


Live with The Curl Whisperer! Tameeka’s Transformations

Join the Curl Whisperer, Tameeka McNeil Johnson for Tameeka’sTransformations. Natural hair enthusiasts are flocking to this licensed stylist for her advice. Come out and see naturals get some serious makeovers and get a copy of her bookLittle Black Book of Rules for Curly Girls.

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As well as the workshops, there were many vendors, hourly prizes and a large section dedicated to Hairfinity who were the main sponsors of the event. As always I really enjoyed talking to the vendors and shopping.

PicMonkey Collage (9)

Felicia’s workshop was basically the same workshop she did at events in London and Paris so I’d already heard it before and the audience questions were very also similar.

Tameeka’s workshop was more interesting ¬†to me, because I’d never seen/heard of her before and she was quite dynamic and energetic while giving her talk and demonstration, I liked the fact that Tameeka did her demonstration on a girl with short hair and a kinkier texture, too many times at hair events I see demo’s on girls with long/curly hair which is nice but I appreciate diversity and watching demo’s that give me a better idea of what could work on my mid- length kinky coily hair.

I wore a custom made outfit from House of Loulee to the event and got so many compliments from EVERYONE who saw me that day, if you like my outfit, head to House of Loulee¬†¬†and contact the designer and founder Lucy Lee to get your own garments made. House of Loulee also have a wide range of ready to wear garments, gifts and toys for the whole family. (Just in case you’re thinking this, no I haven’t been paid to plug H.O.L.L they just have amazing stuff and I think everyone should know!)

Outfit by House of Loulee, Make up by Nneka Ingram hair by Georgy.

Outfit by House of Loulee, Make up by Nneka Ingram hair by Georgy.

All in all, I did enjoy the Expo even though I didn’t learn anything new about natural hair/care and I missed the panel discussion at the end of the day (featuring Rachy of Uk afrolista formerly UK Naturals) because I was so exhausted I had to go back to the hotel and sleep.

The standout part of the day for me was meeting and having a really nice talk with Hairfinity spokesmodel/ambassador ¬†Torsha McElroy – Torsha is a young lady who had a horrific car accident in 2011, she lost all of her hair as a result of the accident and within 20 months of taking hairfinity consistently she had grown her hair back ¬†to it’s original length . ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I first saw Torsha in a Hairfinity promotional video at NHWUK 2014 and I was horrified that Hairfinity was using this lady’s near-fatal accident to peddle a hair supplement, I was really concerned that Hairfinity were explioting Torsha and I was disgusted…

However after meeting Torsha my fears were allayed and she was very open and honest with me about her working relationship with Hairfinity.

Me and Torsha

Me and Torsha

There was a huge turnout for the event and Candace Kelly is lovely, I also met Jenell of  BlakIzBeautyful who is as pretty, gracious and humble in real life as she comes across on YT.

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Princess Tiana gets [another] Makeover

Hi My Cakers, Bakers and Beauties

This is another Princess cake I did for a little girl whose mother wanted her to have a cake that looked like her. I live in London UK and even in 2013 I don’t see any Princess cakes that represent the diversity we have in London, However I am changing that myself ¬†and I can’t wait to do Princess cakes for girls of all different backgrounds.

Here is the process in pictures:


Again I apologise for the quality of my photographs, my Husband is my photographer and we’re both still learning.





House of Loulee!

Hi My Cakers  Bakers and Beauties!
Sorry I’ve been away so long! I explained my absence in my last post and then when my internet was finally back on, I had to prepare for so many interviews and occupational assessments (numerical, verbal and literacy exams plus a stupid role play) as I’m applying for many new roles within my company including having to reapply for my OWN job which I have been doing for 2 years now! Anyway I don’t want to dwell on all of that as it’s finally over and all I’m doing now is waiting to hear back from them, I was so stressed and nervous my face broke out, I got rashes on my neck/chest and my belly was not right! ¬†(sorry)
House of Loulee 3
With out further ado I’d like to introduce HOUSE OF LOULEE! H.O.L.L is primarily a brand specialising in children’s apparel and soft toys however the fantastic creator/owner and designer also makes clothes for really big kids (like me)!
House of Loulee 2
For a couple of years I’ve been seeing these beautiful garments and toys around and they were so unique in their construction and quality I really wanted to buy something but I don’t have any children… After doing a bit more research and going to a few events I actually met Lucy the mastermind and genius fingers behind H.O.L.L and learned that they have a range of jumpers for children and adults called Honourable Hoodies, in addition they can create one of a kind bespoke garments for adults upon request.
This is me in My Red Butterfly House of Loulee Hoodie and matching hair bow.

This is me in My Red Butterfly House of Loulee Hoodie and matching hair bow.

This is just a pose, obviously I don't bake in my Honourable Hoodie!

This is just a pose, obviously I don’t bake in my Honourable Hoodie!

Below is the description from the House of Loulee website, but still head over there and check everything out for yourself:
House of Loulee is an online store specialising in beautifully handmade items for kids aged 0 months to 12 years with all outfits and gifts inspired by wonderfully vibrant 100% Cotton African Wax Prints. The nature of the prints H.O.L.L use capture the fun and excitement children naturally have every day, therefore why not encourage their spark by making sure their dressed comfortably and smartly with the twang of these colourful peace’s, which also come specially sewn to grow with your child. So check your child’s size on the Loulee size chart and get shopping to keep them looking and feeling sharp in the summer and warm in the winter.
I (Lucy) am the designer and creator of all H.O.L.L garments which are inspired by wonderful vibrant¬†100% cotton African Wax prints.¬†I aim to create¬†original children’s garments and unique tailor made couture dresses and gowns (available on request). All items are handmade by me and available to buy on this site therefore if you every have any questions, special requests or just some help with ordering please just give me a call and I ‘ll help you get it sorted.¬†
House of has been a long time in the making after I was offered a place at the London School of Fashion but at the time was unable to to¬†attend¬†therefore¬†it has always been at the fore front on my mind to start¬†my own clothing label. Based in East London the cultural diversity I was born into and brought up around has given me great¬†inspiration¬†enhancing my love for fashion and design.With new garments added to the website¬†regularly shopping with House of Loulee will keep you and your family¬†in fantastic style every season. The¬† vibrant colourful African prints will keep you looking and feeling sharp in the summer and warm in the¬†winter. Please take a look at our online store which currently features my children’s collection which seems to be increasing every couple of weeks, also keep an eye out for¬†the launch of Loulee Couture Dresses¬†because once they are¬†here¬†they are¬†sold on¬†a first come first served basis, as they are simply one of a kind.

House of Loulee 5House of Loulee 8              House of Loulee 7

Here are a few pictures of Me and my Husband in House of Loulee, these pieces were created especially for us, you should contact House of Loulee if you want something similar, please remember these are handmade couture items and you have to pay for quality, That said, prices are not prohibitive and House of Loulee is EXCELLENT value for money.







I paid for all my House of Loulee items with my own money and this is a completely honest review.

Take Care

Luv Sian