I’m Still Baking!

Hello Cakers Bakers & Beauties!

With all of this hair and travel talk you would be forgiven for thinking that I’m not baking anymore, ¬†I am ALWAYS baking…lol

I just don’t always remember to take photos or blog about everything I cook, life has been so hectic lately…Arghhhh!

This weekend I remembered to take a few pics before everything got eaten and it was too late…

Friday night I made a pizza from scratch, we used to get a takeaway every Friday but it’s a waste of money and most of the time it doesn’t even taste that nice. We live 3 minutes away from an amazing Italian deli so I was able to pick up authentic ingredients on my way home from work.

2014-06-27 18.33.00

2014-06-27 22.25.20

My Mum also asked me to make her a Banoffee Pie, these requests come about every couple of months and it’s a bother dragging my pie tin around London, so I bought a stack of disposable pie tins from Lakeland, I’ll leave the stack at my Parents’ house so I can just rock up and bake on demand. I made the base with crushed biscuits, butter oats and sunflower seeds, it had a fantastic texture…Yummy!

2014-06-28 22.31.53

I forget to take a pic when it was whole, sorry!

Last week my dear friend CeCe had her 4th baby, I wasn’t able to attend the baby shower as it was the day before my birthday and I was in Vegas so I promised myself I would go and see her while the little bubba was still tiny. I decided to make my own “congratulations it’s a girl” gift, I saw some gorgeous baby socks with a touch of sparkle, one foot has “little” on the sole and the other one has “princess” on the sole, so adorable. I made a balloon bouquet from assorted pink balloons in my decorations box, pink hydrangeas from my garden and the first lily that bloomed in my garden this summer.

2014-06-29 13.50.10.jpg

I actually made 12 cupcakes because I wanted to try different toppings and piping effects.

2014-06-29 13.13.27

Then I picked the best 6 to bring to CeCe and her family of 6 (including CeCe and partner.)

2014-06-29 13.17.50

For some reason I decided to be “clever” and I cycled from London Bridge to Croydon on my “new” bicycle to deliver this gift package. I got into a spot of trouble along my way and every single cupcake got flipped upside-down! Luckily nothing else got damaged including me, the balloons and my beloved bike!

CeCe loved her gifts and the cupcakes were still delicious!

Thanks for reading.





On the hunt for Fresh Cherries ….My Version of Black Forest Gateau


March 16th was my Dad’s birthday, his favourite cake is Black Forest Gateau so¬†obviously¬†I made him one, I like to use fresh, local and seasonal fruit whenever possible but living in Central London UK does limit my options somewhat… I like to expand the term “local” to include pretty much the whole of Europe!

Alas it’s March and cherries are not in season now on my side of the globe, but I¬†like¬†to use fresh cherries so on 14th March I started looking in supermarkets for fresh cherries and I really couldn’t find any, I tried all the major supermarkets and none of them had any, ¬†I was starting to panic by the morning of the 16th so I went online and literally called every branch of each chain until finally Asda saved the day and I was able to buy these lovely (and expensive!!!) cherries.


Once the cherries were rinsed and dried I could begin the process, I actually love cherries so it was hard to resist temptation and make sure there were enough cherries for the cake, ¬†this isn’t really a recipe post, but if any one would like the recipe let me know in the comments box.

I melted 75% Cocoa fair-trade organic chocolate with water and butter.


In another bowl I mixed my free range eggs, SR flour, muscavado sugar, baking powder, cocoa and secret ingredient ūüėČ


Then mixed the two together… The smell was heavenly


The finished product, sorry the photo is not that great, I’m not a photographer but I will try harder in future I was running late and quickly snapped a pic with my phone.


Dad cutting his cake, you can’t really tell but I dipped the fresh cherries on top of the cake in melted marbled milk/dark chocolate, ¬† ¬†my Dad is a chocoholic…


Look at all that whipped cream, this is NOT a low fat dessert.


Below is last years “classic” Black Forest Gateau

IMAG0218¬† ¬† ¬†I even do a cupcake version…¬†SONY DSC

Yay My 1st Blog Post!


I’m not sure who I’m greeting -as¬†I doubt anyone will end up reading this blog except me.

If somehow you have ended up here Hi! I’m Sian I’m 27 I live in London and I started this blog to keep track of my progress on my “natural hair journey” and with my Baking which is a passion of mine.

I’ve been 100 percent natural for almost a year now, by that I mean I started wearing my natural hair out mid February 2012 but my last relaxer was around March 2011. ¬†I’ll write more about my natural hair journey in a later post.

Today is my Nephew Widget’s first birthday! I’m about to make a cake for him it will be a cake spelling out his proper name in smallish letters – his name is quite long and even though I’m about to bake the cake I still don’t know what I’m going to put the cake on to transport and present it!

This time last year I had on a silky straight¬†Brazilian weave with a silk closure, it was really pretty hair but it cost me about ¬£500 and that was the final straw plus in photos it looked like a really bad wig! I still have that hair in my wardrobe even though I only wore it once I can’t bear to throw it away. One of these days I’m going to make a wig/have a wig made out of it.

Today is probably not the best time to start a blog as my own laptop Cherry committed¬†suicide last week by leaping off my kitchen counter, Cherry has been sent to the menders but it means that all my photos and other stuff on my laptop will be wiped. I’m currently using an OLD laptop my hubby dug up from somewhere but it’s slow going and the cursor jumps around the page if ¬†I type too quickly.

On that note I’m signing off for now wish me luck on the cake!