Yinka’s Braids – A Review

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This post is a review on hair styling services by Yinka of Yinka’s braids.

Selfishly I almost didn’t write this post because I don’t want Yinka to get so busy that she can’t do my hair anymore. However that’s not really supporting a sista now is it?  I met Yinka at NHW 2014 in London, we had a lovely chat and we exchanged business cards. I liked her work illustrated on her card so a few months later I gave her a call.

I wanted my hair to be canerowed and two-strand twisted without extensions, Yinka explained that as she currently does not have a salon she is unable to offer “wet services” that was fine with me, so we made an appointment and around a week later I detangled, cleansed and conditioned my hair,  hopped on my bike and made my way to Yinka.

  Yinka’s place is welcoming, clean and comfortable. Before getting started on the actual styling Yinka assessed the health of my hair and gave me a mini consultation. Yinka is natural herself and has fine hair – like me so she understands the struggles of not making the hair look “gappy” once the style is finished, in addition Yinka is sooo gentle. I’m used to my natural hair being handled roughly by braiders because they are not used to – or don’t like dealing with natural hair. A lot of braiders are only concerned about the finished look of the style and are not concerned about the health of your hair or damage from manipulation. Yinka did not insist on working on dry stretched hair, she was happy to work on my hair while damp and only used a comb for parting, any tangles we came across along the way Yinka gently finger detangled them just like I would.

PicMonkey Collage (4)

These small fine canerows did not hurt a bit and I loved the style so much, it was a lovely protective style, as you can see I also wore my twists in a bun to protect my ends even more. Since my first appointment I have seen Yinka regularly for twisted and braided styles. Prices start from £20.00 but are individual and based on the length of your hair or extensions and the complexity of the style, I can confirm that Yinka’s prices are very reasonable and very good value for money.

Yinka also braids with extensions and installs kinky twists, Men and children are also welcomed for hair styling services.       I know many of you twist/braid your own hair but I do not have the skill to style my hair as neatly or quickly as Yinka can – even if I could I wouldn’t do it because I don’t believe we are designed to do styles on our hair that take more than an hour maximum. If we were supposed to style our own hair for hours and hours we would have been born with an extra set of eyes to enable us to see the back of our heads clearly ( I don’t know where these eyes would be placed)  and we would have a different type of shoulder joint so our arms didn’t ache so much.

Jokes aside I honestly believe that hair dressing and styling especially of natural African/Afro/Black/highly textured hair should be a special bonding experience. Hair is very personal and has spiritual meaning for a lot of people. In some cultures including my own there are many beliefs related to hair and you are warned not to let just anybody handle your precious tresses.

Ms Yinka Herself.  photo credit Yinkas Braids

Ms Yinka Herself.
photo credit Yinkas Braids

I am very happy to continue to have my hair styled by Yinka and she is extremely talented at what she does, Yinka is happy to chat while she works if you want to talk but she can also sense when I’m too tired to talk or I’m engrossed in my book, there’s no pressure to keep talking the whole time.

To see more photos of Yinka’s work and to like her facebook page – click here

Yinka is based in London and can be contacted on 07869554529.

@yinkas_braids on Instagram

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At Home With Ayamour Afro Hair Styling

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Do you remember that I won a free hair styling session with Ayamour at Curlvolution?

Well on 8th June I had a wedding to go to so I contacted Angela from Ayamour to ask if she could squeeze me in on the morning of the 8th. Lovely Angela said yes and we arranged the appointment for 10:30 AM.

Angela is currently a mobile stylist so she had asked that my hair was washed, conditioned and moisturised prior to her arrival at my home. I followed the instructions and flat twisted my hair in two big twists to go to sleep. In the morning my hair was still slightly damp but Angela said she was happy to work from damp as you know it it better to style kinky curly hair from damp as it is more pliable and “elastic” when damp.

This is the before photo, I had just undone the flat twists, excuse the cheesy grin, I am very much a morning person:



Angela Set out her tools and got to work, we chatted the whole time about hair and cakes and life in the UK and everything else you can think of.


Angela is so nice and friendly and didn’t hurt or pull my hair once, when I met her at Curlvolution my spirit took to her immediately which is why I accepted the offer of a free hair styling session. As I’ve mentioned before I’m very particular about who touches Soleil!

Angela had asked me what kind of style I would like and I asked for an updo but I left the exact styling to Angela’s imagination. I have learned that sometimes it’s best to let the stylist work their magic, many a time I have been in the Bespoke Hairstyles chair with a photo or an idea in mind for my hair style and M&H have just done their own thing but it has always been much better than the style I originally wanted!





Angela pinned it all down first to show me how I could change up the finished look of the style:



Some of the twists were then unravelled to add some more height and drama to the finished look


The entire styling session took around 2.5 hours it probably would have been shorter if we didn’t take so many photos! Angela’s hands are very gentle I definitely would book another stykling session with her and I highly recommend her to other London based naturals. I’m not sure how far out of London Angela travels your best bet is to contact Ayamour  yourself to find out:



Ayamour also sell luxurious pure silk accessories and organic hair products.


My Ayamour Silk Eye Mask

Find out more about Ayamour Here.

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