Naked Winter Berry Cake

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Happy Holidays!

Of course I’ve been busy baking over the Christmas period.

Below is a Red Berry “naked cake” I made for a customer, in the cross section you will see that the cake has several layers as well as a horizontal pattern. A naked cake is simply a cake without external icing it’s naked so that all the layers can be seen from the outside and it allows for the flavours of the cake to shine through and not be overpowered by heavy sugary icing or frosting.


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Vegan & Nut Free Little Boy Blue Cupcakes.

Hello Cakers!


I haven’t forgotten about you amongst all this hair and body talk, one of my recent projects was Vegan Cupcakes for a little boy with food allergies, well they were Vegan plus because this little boy also has a nut allergy.

The Mother of this little boy Chelena, asked me to make some cupcakes for her son because he often misses out on sweet treats because of his allergies. I had to make sure that as well as being egg, nut and dairy free the cupcakes had blue frosting, the flavour was up to me. I searched online for Vegan Cupcake recipes but most of them had ground almonds or too many synthetic ingredients. As you know I try to keep my creations as natural as possible, I’m not under any illusion that cake is healthy but if you are going to indulge your sweet tooth you might as well use the best ingredients you can afford and little to no chemicals.

The other day I was watching a documentary and Tesco (a major UK Supermarket) have created a “chocolate cake” that has a shelf life of 26 days! How Disgusting!

Some of the issues I faced while making these cupcakes were: rise, density and flavour. Luckily the cakes didn’t have to be gluten free so I was left with Flour and Sugar as my two “normal” ingredients .

You might not know how much flavour is imparted into most cakes from eggs and butter, seriously it’s a lot, plus they also help create a light and fluffy texture. My first recipe attempt was awful it was heavy and doughy with little to no flavour.

To help combat the heaviness I substituted one third of my flour with cornflour it’s an old trick for when I can’t use ground almonds. I also added 4 times as much baking powder as I normally would to help with rise and fluffiness in the finished cake which is created by tiny air bubbles in the cake batter. Rather than use margarine, which I truly hate, I used Organic vegetable oil as my “fat” element in my cake, it is possible to make a cake without fat but it helps with moisture and trust me these cakes needed all the help they could get! To add and intensify flavour I used 2 whole Vanilla beans in my cake batter and switched out some of the (Unrefined Caster) Sugar for Light Muscavado Sugar, this amount of Vanilla may sound excessive but trust me it was just right for this mix as before I put the vanilla in, it just tasted sweet but not of anything in particular. I also used unsweetened soya milk in my cake batter.

The icing was also tricky but I used half a tablespoon of Vitalite (a Vegan margarine)  and half a tablespoon of Trex, as my butter substitute then I creamed the two together and added a ton of icing sugar. I used soya milk to make the icing more creamy and used Maple syrup and half a Vanilla bean for flavour. I added natural blue food colouring in the cake batter and icing since that is what the little boy – Zach had asked for.

It took a long time to make a recipe that I was happy with and thanks to my lovely husband for tasting and eating all of the not so great recipe tests. If you would like this recipe then let me know in the comments and I’d be happy to share it with you.

It was all worth it in the end as you can see from the Videos Chelena sent me, the videos are shared with permission.


Who is Aunty Sian? That’s ME!!!!

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