Crystallised Ginger -Easy Recipe no Thermometer needed.

Hello my Cakers Bakers and Beauties.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, (if you celebrated it in any way) and Heri Za Kwanzaa!

Today’s Principle is : Kujichagalia (Self-Determination) -To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.

Now on to the recipe!

I made this Crystallised Ginger as a present for my Grandad, he really enjoys Crystallised Ginger and every year some one in the family buys some for him, but this year I decided to make it myself!

This recipe is so easy, you don’t even need a set of scales or a sugar thermometer. I know some people think that making sweets is hard or complicated and some recipes are, but trust me this one is very simple and worth the time and effort, plus Ginger is really good for you, even though it’s going to be covered in sugar you still get the healthy benefits. Ginger is known as a natural treatment/cure for nausea, loss of appetite, flatulence, motion sickness and stomach upset. Personally I have used it to help with my frequent chest infections, coughs and colds. Ginger has also been known to help ease the symptoms of arthritis, menstrual cramps and muscle pain.

Disclaimer: I am not a Healer, a Doctor, a Herbalist or anything like that, I’m not telling you to eat Ginger instead of going to your GP or Physician, I’m just letting you know that it has helped me and people around me with the above issues.

Ginger is Yummy and that is why you should try this recipe.

All you need is:

Fresh Ginger

Chopping Board

Sharp Knife


Sugar (or crystallised sugar substitute such as Xylitol)

Large Saucepan


Measuring Jug

Wire Rack

Large plate or bowl

1. Buy fresh ginger. The roots should be firm. I froze my ginger first, it makes it easier to peel and cut up but you don’t have to freeze yours, you can do it from room temperature or chilled, up to you.


2. Peel the ginger. It’s easier if you use the side of a spoon to scrape the peel away and you don’t waste any ginger going around the knobbly bits.


3. Chop the ginger–in chunks or slices, it’s totally up to you. I cut mine into different sized chunks that way the heat would be different in each piece.


4. Put the ginger in a saucepan. Use the measuring jug to measure the amount of water you put in. Put in enough water to cover the ginger.


5. Put an equal amount of sugar in the pan, literally add the sugar to the same level the water was in the measuring jug – that’s why you needed to measure the water you added.

6. Boil for 45 minutes or so. The ginger will shrink at bit and deepen in colour as it cooks, mine deepened a lot as I used half Muscavado Sugar and half Golden Caster Sugar. Keep an eye on your Gingery goodness as it can boil over if left alone, also it will be very very hot once the sugar/water starts boiling.


7. Drain the syrup off the ginger. Save the syrup! It’s very hot, but once it’s cooled down you can use it for so many things, alcoholic or non alcoholic ginger beer, pancakes, fruit salads, cocktails, ginger tea, cakes, etc.

8. Lay the hot ginger pieces onto a wire rack and let it dry for several hours or overnight. Make sure the pieces aren’t touching as they dry.


9. Once your ginger is dry (it will not be bone dry it will still be slightly sticky) put some more sugar in a bowl or on a plate and toss the ginger pieces in the sugar. Mine was still too wet the first time round so I had to lay them out to dry again.)


Once they are dry you can eat them or store them in an air tight container.





Calm Down It Will Grow Naturally – 7th July 2013

Hello My Cakers Bakers and Beauties.

The day after the Natural Lounge Swap Meet I went to another hair event, Calm Down It Will Grow Naturally.

I’m not concerned about my hair growing but I (foolishly) thought that going to as many natural hair events as possible would be a good thing and give me something to blog about so I registered my attendance early and planned my journey on Google Maps. On their event page it said you should register early and turn up on time in order to get one of the limited number of goody bags.

Even though I registered weeks before the event my registration was not confirmed and I had to email the organisers repeatedly to make sure they had my name on the list,  I should have taken this as a warning…

The day itself was ridiculously hot and I turned up early to at least make sure I was there to receive my goody bag, there were already a couple of ladies present and they seemed to already all know each other. The venue was a Turkish restaurant in North London it had a conservatory area in the back and that was where the event was taking place. It was so hot in there it was like a flippin’ Greenhouse it was truly uncomfortably hot and because my silly self had arrived early I was sitting right at the back so once the room filled up I was effectively trapped. I know I could have walked out at any time but I didn’t want to be rude and interrupt the days proceedings.

I was hungry and thirsty but the waiters were so rude that after my first (and boringly average) fruit smoothie, I refused to purchase any more food and drink from there. For me it truly was a horrible experience, I was hot and sweaty, very hungry, thirsty and bored, I couldn’t even get very good photos as I was in the middle of a row and stuck behind a huge ugly fountain.

Don’t let that air conditioning unit fool you, it was not turned on and with the Turkish BBQ grill mere feet away it was hotter than the devil’s armpit in that room!


Maybe it was my fault for not researching the event properly, (ok it was entirely my fault)  but the whole event had a very religious element to it, there was even a catchy praise and worship style song complete with actions to match the lyrics.  I believe that people should have religious freedom but when I’m going to a hair event I don’t expect to have to pray and praise the lord as part of the event especially as it wasn’t advertised and marketed as a Christian natural hair event . Imagine that you are a Muslim, Jewish or Christian lady who wants to learn more about natural hair so you sign up to attend what you think is a secular natural hair event but when you get to the event it has a strong Satanist element. I’m not comparing the organisers to Satanists I’m just trying to make my point. I don’t think one religion is “better” than another, this blog is post is not about religion and I don’t want to offend anyone, I just think they should have made it clearer that it was a Christian event and that there would be a heavy religious slant upon the whole proceedings.

At one point I managed to escape from my row and take a few photos:


Michelle from Afrotherapy



This is Tieska McDowell, she was teaching us how to style our own hair including flat twist and canerows. Tieska runs workshops teaching these skills and I will definitely be booking myself in to one of her workshops.



The Love Harlem/Harlem Love Sisters


After sitting there for hours in the sweltering heat they finally called out the names of the people who would be receiving a goody bag, imagine my shock when they got to the end of the list and I didn’t hear my name! It was obvious that they gave the goody bags out to their friends there was no point in my registering or turning up early, I was slightly disappointed that women who call themselves Christian would be dishonest like that.

Diane Hall author of “How I Grew It Long Naturally” was also supposed to be giving a talk on the day, but she didn’t turn up.  I was way too hot and bothered to stay for the closing prayer so I snuck out just before the end.  This event really helped me to decide not to go to any more “random” natural hair events …

Take Care




Quick Cake Post

This is a photo of how the cake turned out for my nephew, everyone loved it!

sorry about the angle I put it on a mirror, it was the largest thing I had that was suitable.

sorry about the angle I put it on a mirror, it was the largest thing I had that was suitable.

I broke the ‘L’ accidently but stuck it back together with caramel, once it was iced you couldn’t tell, I also didn’t count my E’s properly so I was one E short and had to borrow some batter from a batch of banoffee cupcakes I was making.


This is a photo of a Gluten-Free, Organic Coconut and Carrot Cake the customer specifically requested no frosting or icing. I have just received a text from the customer and she was very happy with the cake so were her guests.