My Natural Hair Journey So Far…

Little Sian, 1987 or '88

Little Sian, 1987 or ’88



Sorry for the delay in writing the rest of my Hair Journey, I’ve been quite busy lately.

A quick update on my current hair style… I couldn’t bear to keep the kinky twists in any longer, they were getting so messy and there was so much slippage that they had to come out. I removed my kinky twists on 22nd March, so I had them in for just under 3 weeks. So much for keeping them in for the whole of March! I just couldn’t do it, I missed my hair even though from day to day I don’t know what to do with it sometimes.

It took me around 3.5 hours  to remove the twists as I only used my fingers to undo the twists without cutting the ends of the twists as they were the same length as my own hair and I didn’t want to accidentally cut any of my hair off, I used my water spray bottle to moisten and loosen each twist before and during removal. I took my time to de-tangle each twist at the root so I wouldn’t lose much hair, but some hair loss was inevitable as the hairs that would have normally been lost via natural shedding have not been able to escape the confines of the twists. After removing all of the twists I finger detangled a bit and applied my raw organic virgin 100% pure coconut oil as a pre-poo treatment. I wrapped my hair with cling film and then put on a woolly hat to encourage some heat to generate. After that I went to bed to allow time for the coconut oil to penetrate into my strands before washing my hair. I realise that without pictures you’re only really getting half of the story so next time I promise to take pictures.

Anyway back to my natural journey… In my last post about why I went natural I ended it by saying  it took me only 1 week to dye my natural hair, once I’d decided to rock my natural hair out and stop wearing my curly weave.  I dyed it with a Dark and Lovely Box Dye Kit I dyed it brownish but It didn’t really show up that much as I didn’t read the instructions properly!

In my first few weeks of rocking my TWA I really didn’t know what to do with my hair as I felt it was so short and I can’t canerow my own hair I pretty much tied a scarf round my hair line and pushed it back a bit to make a mini Afro Puff.

I searched and searched for natural salons online but most of them really only deal with Locks I found a place in Stratford called Purely Natural and I called and booked an appointment. I didn’t have a fantastic experience at that Salon and it was too expensive, I paid £45.00 for a simple two strand twist style with canerow on one side at the front, The style was similar to this: 

But of course my hair was much, much shorter than this, Sorry no photo of my actual style it took about one hour for the stylist to twist my hair as it was already washed and dried when I arrived. I decided to get a pedi-mani in their beauty parlour downstairs and before I left the Salon my  hair was starting to unravel! I told the stylist and he accused me of doing it myself!! As if I’d ruin my manicure! Anyway I decided I wasn’t going back there ever again and looked for other stylists I found a Company called Bespoke Hair Styles…

I contacted them via Facebook but they were so busy I couldn’t get an appointment until April but I really liked the photos of their work so  I accepted the appointment and waited wore my hair in Puffs until then…

My first Bespoke Hair Style  April 2012.

My first Bespoke Hair Style April 2012.

4. First Bespoke Hair Style April 14 20125. First Bespoke Hair Style April 14 2012

The Ladies of Bespoke Hairstyles, M and H work from home in Essex, they are two strong, independent business women and they are so talented with hair it’s unbelievable. The M, Melissa welcomed me into her home offered me a hot drink and introduced me to her friend/business partner Hugette, I felt so comfortable immediately it was like I’d known them for ages they asked me about what I do and I told them about my cakes and since then, they have been my biggest supporters outside my family. Melissa and Hugette have inspired me so much and still do to this day they are pretty much like family to me now.

This style lasted about 4 weeks until I got bored of it and started to miss my hair,  it was still quite neat by then but I get bored easily so I took it out and for the next few weeks I wore my Afro out and wore puffs again, I dyed my hair again and this time it actually worked.

6. Freshly Washed 24th June  2012

Freshly Washed no products. June 24th 2012

Freshly Washed no products. June 24th 2012

8. Freshly Washed 24th June 2012 Full Front View

The colour was called Rich Auburn (Dark and Lovely #374) and I loved it. I’ve always loved hair colour and I couldn’t stay away from it.  My hair had grown a bit by then but because of “Shrinkage” you can’t really tell.

I most often wore my hair out with some pinned back. This is me in June 2012 again with a “wash and go” hair style.

10. 22nd June 2012 with eyes

This is me on holiday in Ibiza late June 2012, I did feel a bit self conscious being the only Black girl in my bunch wearing her natural hair out but it was important to me to keep my hair out and not get a protective style to go on holiday as I always used to do.

11. Ibiza side puff June 2012

In all that Sun and drinking tons of water and running up and down my hair grew quite a bit over Summer 2012, this is me in July 2012.

12. 10th July 2012 Top View13. 10th July 2012

In August 2012 I decided to get my hair coloured professionally and have it trimmed and flat ironed, I was mad to do it all on one day I had highlights bleached into the front of my hair, and my hair was blow dried and flat ironed, thinking about it now I’m surprised there is still any hair left on my head.

14. Blonde and Straight August 2012

To be honest though my hair didn’t really break after this torture, I think because I had it done in a professional salon and they used protecting serums and what not my hair didn’t really suffer too much.

In November 2012 I went back to Bespoke Hair styles and got this Asymmetric flat twist style, I loved it!

15.  More Flat Twists November 201216. More Flat Twists November 2012

I kept this style in for about a month and went back just before Christmas, I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I knew I wanted an updo, they created this amazing swirled up do with the ends of my hair threaded with wool and wound into a bun.  This was a protective style as my ends were safely tucked away. The ends of our hair are the oldest part and are therefore most susceptible to damage.

18. Threading and Flat Twist 20 December 2012 19. Threading and Flat Twist November 2012

In Jan 2013 I tried something different and used bendy rollers to set my hair.

20. First Flexi rod set 16 Jan 201321. First Flexi rod set fluffed 16 Jan 201322. First Flexi rod set day 5 . 17 Jan 2013

As much as I loved the blonde/brown colour I didn’t want to keep chemically colouring my hair as I knew it wasn’t good for my hair, I’d done more research into natural hair and learned that I could use pure natural Henna and other herbs to colour and condition my hair. With true Henna you can only get shades of Red/Orange I wanted a deep red colour so I chose Henna from Yemen as it is known for it’s deep colouring. I’ll do a post on how I do my henna another day.

So I went from this… 23. Henna Before 30 Jan 2013

to this 24. Henna After 30 Jan 2013 my hair is not damaged it’s just longer on the left.

The colour is a lovely deep red colour on my lighter ends and only has a slight subtle red hint on my darker roots.

I went back to Bespoke hairstyles and they flat twisted this beautiful vintage style.

25. January 31st 2013, red vintage twists

That was the end of January 2013. I have learned so much in the last year and my thirst for knowledge continues. I’m sorry for the lack of photos, I never intended to blog about my hair journey so the photos were only meant to be for me. I plan on taking many more photos in future.

If you are thinking about going natural just do it, it can be hard at times I’m not going to lie but it’s worth it, if you look after your hair it will grow and flourish.

Take Care.