My First Three Tired Wedding Cake!


After the Cake was cut

Hello my Cakers, Bakers and Beauties!

This wedding cake gave me nightmares for weeks on end, it was a wedding cake for a very dear friend of mine and I didn’t want to mess it up. I don’t have photos of the stages because I was concentrating too hard during the process and didn’t have time to mess about taking or posing for pictures.

The bottom layer is a 12″ vanilla cake with home made raspberry conserve and Dominican Republic Vanilla Buttercream.

The middle layer is 10″ rich chocolate cake with chocolate ganache.

The top tier is a Lemon Drizzle cake.

I covered the cake in an Ivory coloured sugarpaste, it’s made by Renshaw and the colour is called “celebration”.

The bride and groom wanted a very simple Ivory cake with Gold accents, because of their religious beliefs they couldn’t have a mini bride and groom cake topper, but the bride had said she was going to leave a topper at the venue on the day so I could put it on top then.

After a precarious journey with the fully assembled cake I arrived at the venue to find no topper! After trying to communicate with staff at the venue – a massive waste of time, another friend of the bride turned up and informed me that the bride didn’t like the topper when it arrived so she decided not to leave it at the venue. The cake looked so unfinished that I grabbed a few roses from a centre piece and laid them on the top of the cake, it wasn’t perfect but it was better than nothing.

In total the cake took me about 18 hours to bake and assemble, I spent weeks and weeks on the prep, I know I could have done it in stages and spent a week doing it, but that’s not my style and I wanted the cakes to be as fresh as possible.

I did enjoy making the cake but it was so stressful I’m not sure if I’d do it again.

I’ve made a Croquembouche before for someone’s wedding anniversary and it was a breeze compared to this, I don’t particularly like working with sugarpaste though….

Yes I know the cake is crooked and I know what I did wrong, my dowels were not all the exact same length, the difference was in millimetres though and when I finally went to bed the cake looked straight to me. Also my sugarveil was applied in a slanted fashion which made the cake look more crooked than it was, but again it look straight when I put it on.

The bride and groom were delighted with their cake but I was horrified at the crooked-ness, I wanted to throw a sheet over it and cut it up quickly but that wasn’t really an option, I also wanted to apologise every single time someone took a photo of it, but again not an option.

I was so sad when I set it down and it was crooked I wanted to cry, I really did. I put my heart and soul and so much careful planning into the cake for it to be crooked on the day. I was actually very angry at myself but since I was also a guest at the wedding I couldn’t brood about it all day.


Cutting the Cake

Congratulations Mr and Mrs “D”! 

To respect the couple’s privacy, I’m not posting any photos of them but here are a couple of pictures of me and my lovely  hubby!


The person who took this photo didn’t know what to do and almost dropped my camera this is why my face looks like this!


That’s Better!

For the readers interested in hair who read this far, Thank you so much! Just for you I’ll throw in some hair talk…

I wore my hair in a high bun and managed to get some “baby hurr” going on at the front, instead of a hat I wore an oversized bow in black & cream and leopard print.